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5 Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

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Gray is a dull and boring color.

The above-statement is far from the truth. The color gray is perfect for kitchens as it teeters between a different kind of warmth and a relaxing neutral hue. Depending on the shade you use – dark or light gray – your kitchen will be closer to either the cool or the warm temperature of the color.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, gray is the perfect color and is great for creating contrast with brighter colors on the fabrics or floor of the kitchen. This color can also be used for creating textured variation in the cooking space as well.

Wall and base cabinets cover the maximum space in a kitchen and dominate the entire room. Therefore, the color of the kitchen cabinets must be chosen very carefully if you want to create a particular ambiance. Of late more and more homeowners are opting for dark gray kitchen cabinets or gray stained cabinets over other colors.

Earlier, most of us associated the color gray with boredom, dullness, and modesty. However, gray also has many other attributes depending on how you choose to use it while decorating a room. It all depends on how we are mixing and matching gray painted kitchen cabinets with the other elements and colors in the room.

So, in this article, we will be introducing to you five dark gray kitchen cabinets and how you can install them to create a modern and lively cooking space.

5 Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets Just for You

Z Series Thunder Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Modern, sleek and stylish, the dark gray kitchen cabinets at the base is the perfect combination between timeless elegance and modern superiority. The dark gray kitchen cabinets have been uniquely used to create contrast with the white slab countertop and steel gray appliances. If you wish to own a kitchen that has been designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetics, then go for the Z Series Thunder Gray Kitchen cabinets.

Steel Gray Kitchen Cabinets

A pretty kitchen that is attainable in almost any kind of budget. The Steel Gray cabinets are made of maple wood. The door of this dark gray kitchen cabinets is made of 100 percent solid wood and offer full overlay. The Steel Gray dark kitchen cabinet doors come with soft close feature and have full extension dovetail drawers made completely from solid wood.

You can pair this dark gray kitchen cabinet with contrasting bright colors or can also match it with white countertops, steel appliances, and beautiful mosaic backsplash, as seen in the picture above. It will be a plus if your kitchen has big glass windows for the natural light to come in and illuminate the room. A room décor turns more beautiful with natural light flooding in that artificial lighting.

Venetian Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The Venetian dark gray kitchen cabinets is a unique gray hue with a slight hint of blue in it. The deep rich wooden floor is quite a departure from the white floorboards commonly used and creates a nice tone of contrast. The gleaming steel knobs, appliances, and door handle on the base cabinet doors also bring in an element of shine in the otherwise predominant matte kitchen. The sleek steel bar stools also cannot be missed among the beautiful ensemble.

This dark gray kitchen cabinet sport a frame construction and has been made from maple wood with full overlay and reversible door panel. The base cabinet drawers of this cabinet offer soft-close features and offer a full extension. The Venetian gray kitchen cabinets are perfect for all types of kitchens – big or small.

Phantom Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

This kitchen is the perfect combination of modern design styles and classic elegance. The Phantom gray shaker kitchen cabinets coupled with the Arabesque tiled backsplash, warm floorboards, and dark wood bar stools create a magical atmosphere to cook in. Apart from the LED lights. The hanging glass pendant lighting and the copper sink tap adds quite a chique factor to the whole ensemble. Quite contrary to our stereotypical thinking, the dark gray cabinets in this kitchen rather than dulling the whole ambiance brightens significantly making it a place you would like to spend time in.

Storm Gray Kitchen Cabinets

All the elements in this kitchen are in perfect sync with each other. Warm wooden floorboards have been perfectly used to contrast and complement the dark gray kitchen cabinets, white base cabinets, and steel refrigerator. To not to isolate the wooden floor, the island bar stools have been carefully selected that sport dark steel base and wooden seating. The pendant lighting acts as the cherry on the top.

The Storm Gray kitchen cabinets sport a painted and baked finish with frame construction. This maple wood dark gray kitchen cabinet comes with sliding dovetail drawers with soft-close feature and full extension.

Why Buy from Cabinet DIY?

At Cabinet DIY we offer a wide range of dark gray kitchen cabinet, some of which has been introduced in this article. Apart from colors, we offer our customers cabinets in different sizes for all type of kitchen. Our in-house team of creators and designers are always there to help and come up with customized solutions to match your requirements.

In Conclusion

Gray is a fun color to work with as you can see from the article. With some out-of-the-box thinking and right elements, you can have a great time redecorating or building your kitchen with dark gray kitchen cabinets. If you need some help, the in-house team at Cabinet DIY is always there to help.

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