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Solid oak kitchen cabinets is one of the more traditional ways to go in cabinet choices. Oak is mostly known for its distinct pale gold color. It can also come in a brown with red highlights. ...

Oak is one of the hardwoods. Hardwoods makes for sturdy cabinetry. Our oak RTA kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen that timeless look.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets have a natural beauty. Their rich elegance brings a kitchen a comfortable warmth that feels charming to work in.

They have a distinctive pale gold color stain that can coordinate with any color stain present in a kitchen space. Contrasting and coordinating colors look best when paired with oak color and so try avoiding shades like pale yellow, peach, light golden tans when you install Oak Kitchen Cabinets in your kitchen.

They are already popular in traditional kitchen sets but there are other color options available that go well with contemporary kitchen type. They are also budget friendly so you can have variety of design choices to suit your kitchen style. Our RTA Kitchen Cabinets collection feature a wide range of sample finishes available in different shades and styles. Their distinctive grain patterns and characteristic flecks make them a contemporary cabinetry choice in many modern kitchens. To pick out the best in class style, design and furnishing, browse our catalog below.
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