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Bamboo kitchen cabinets have gained popularity over the past few years because of their sustainability. Properly treated bamboo can be as hard or harder than even cherry, maple or oak ...

Bamboo trees can be harvested in as little as seven years. Multiple crops can be harvested over the lifetime of one plant. This is what makes bamboo a “green” and ECO friendly material for many things like cabinets and floors.Bamboos unique look, with its knuckles or nodes, make for an attractive finish.

Darker finishes can be used for contemporary kitchens. Lighter finishes are more common in modern settings.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets have an individual personal style about them. Their stain color and unique finishes give them an artistic appeal that make a kitchen look all the more beautiful. Cabinet DIY Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets look very much contemporary and stylish. So if you are planning to bring a change to your traditional kitchen set-up then here is a cabinetry style that you can take a chance at.

Speaking of modern kitchen set-ups, here too bamboo kitchen cabinets are becoming highly prevalent and popular. Their surface lines combined with their color stains combine to give a kitchen a kind of modern vibe that is warm and inviting to work in. Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets in RTA style have many personalities and can be stained like any traditional woods.

They are easy to assemble and install, ensuring that all things are stored away out of site, while adding modern touch to an entire kitchen look. See our RTA Kitchen Cabinets catalog below for a visual representation of all the sample collection of each shade and style.
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