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Grey is the New White in the Kitchen & Bath industry. It is usually a perfect blend with Black and White with a hint of selected hue. While adding a blue undertone reflects a cool steel tone, adding a Red or Yellow undertone can reflect a warmer taupe tone. The hue you pick for your grey relies on personal preference. CabinetDIY provide a wide range selection of Grey Cabinets from dark grey to light grey. ...

Grey is the next White in modern kitchen trends. If you are looking for RTA kitchen cabinets with subtle color tone that stands between dark black and stark white, then grey is the color you should refer to. Grey Kitchen Cabinets are different from Black and White Kitchen Cabinets. When installed, they set a modern spin to a room without getting too much trendy and yet stands out classy amidst an array of other possible colors like blue, azure, mint or forest green dominating in a kitchen space.

RTA Grey Kitchen Cabinets are versatile in terms of color shade and option. They are comfotable with any kitchen style, be it old, modern, casual, contemporary or traditional. Browse through our Cabinet DIY Grey Kitchen Cabinet catalogue below to find which sample finish will actually match your kitchen style.

Warm, friendly and inviting...grey kitchen cabinets can pair beautifully with wood or intensed colored accessories, while evoking style and elegance at the same time.
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