Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that wood cabinets are now trending in interior design? Whether you want to refurbish or re-design the interior of your scullery, natural kitchen cabinets will complement the design option you opt for, thanks to their amazing properties. ...
Read this article to uncover everything about natural wood kitchen cabinets; how to choose them, their benefits, and costs, as well as tips on how to install and maintain them.

Read this article to uncover everything about natural wood kitchen cabinets; how to choose them, their benefits, and costs, as well as tips on how to install and maintain them.

Choosing the Right Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
If you are thinking of going natural in your next kitchen remodel, you need to consider installing natural cabinets. The beauty of natural wood that is unpainted or unstained is arguably perfect for making a visual statement in any type of interior design.
Wood-based furniture is exceptionally versatile. Hence, you might find it difficult to choose the cabinets that align with your kitchen interior design option. However, the following tips can help you handpick the right natural drawers for your scullery.
• Consider the Cabinet Material
As their name suggests, natural wood kitchen cabinets are entirely made of natural wood materials. Their raw-wood grain not only makes them easy to style but also distinguishes them. The most popular woods used for these drawers include cherry, maple, birch, and oak, all of which you can distinguish by their finishing.
• Consider your Preferred Design Option
The design option you opt for ideally says a lot about the various decorative elements you can incorporate in your scullery. While natural cabinets have for a long time been a design feature for classic or traditional kitchens, they are now being used in modern sculleries, thanks to their new designs.
Whether you prefer the simple outlook of classic kitchens or the lavish appeal of modern sculleries, wood-based cabinets will help you achieve your dream kitchen design.
• Consider the Cost of Purchase and Installation
Natural cabinets come in a myriad of varieties and so, prices. Depending on the type of drawers you want, you should consider the cost of purchase and installation to get the best out of your money. One good thing about these drawers is that they are considerably affordable compared to laminate cabinets.
Benefits of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
While natural drawers have been around for many years, their popularity is currently on a high rise, thanks to their valuable properties. The following are the advantageous aspects of natural wood cupboards.
1. Ease of Access and Versatility
Natural wood kitchen cabinets are not only highly multifaceted but also easy to find, thanks to their numerous types or varieties, from birch, oak, maple, and cherry, to hickory cabinets. Whether you prefer a rustic, farmhouse, or contemporary visual appeal in your scullery, these drawers will satisfy your interior design needs.
If you choose them for your kitchen, be sure you will have multiple design tricks in terms of complementing the visual appeal of your cookhouse
. 2. The Durability of Natural Wood
Because many types of natural wood are as tough as nails, wood-based cupboards are more durable compared to drawers made of laminate materials. If your kitchen has high traffic, then these drawers are the best you can go for because they can easily withstand tear and wear.
Because of their durability properties, these drawers are the best when it comes to cost-effectiveness because. You will not be spending money now and then on cabinet repair or refurbishment if you install wood-based cupboards.
3. Functionality
Besides being durable, wood-based drawers are very easy to take care of in terms of cleaning and maintenance, thanks to their unique raw wood grain. In addition, these drawers are the best when it comes to outfitting. With them, you can easily install additional drawers to create more room for storing your kitchenware.
Styles and Finishes for Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
To maintain their amazing natural look, you might want to give your wood-based cabinets a personal touch in terms of styling and finishing. The following are styling and finishing options you can leverage to make your natural drawers stand out.
Beeswax or Turpentine Finishing
Application of Varnish
Application of oil

How to Clean and Maintain Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
As we have already observed, cleaning and maintaining natural wood kitchen cabinets is as easy as pie, thanks to the functional properties of these drawers. Regularly wiping their surfaces with a soft and clean rag can save your cabinets from damaging stains, regular polishing is valuable in terms of giving them a shiny outlook that is long-lasting.
To prevent damages like marks caused by hot kitchenware, you can leverage the use of coasters. If your drawers are scratched, a compatible wood filler or stain can help to reincarnate their original outstanding appearance.

Cost of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Natural wood kitchen cabinets retail at a cost of anything between $6000 and $20,000 depending on the type of wood, ornamental features, and size. However, you are more likely to pay slightly more than the average price if you go for customized natural wood cabinets.
Whether you go for non-customized or customized, you should always be prepared for additional costs, based on the design features of cabinet hardware.

Design Ideas for Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Here are the top trending natural wood kitchen cabinet ideas.
Natural Cabinets with Mate finishing
Open-shelved Drawers
Natural wood two-toned cabinets
Tips for Installing Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
To install your cabinetry, you need to have a contractor’s pencil, drills, screws, and shims for levelling them on the kitchen floor. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can install natural wood kitchen cabinets by yourself like a pro
#1: Determine the available space in your kitchen and Mark the Walls.
#2: Set Up the First Cabinets (Preferably Upper Cabinets)
#3: Remove cabinet doors
#4: Set Up lower or base cabinets
#5: Clamp and fasten cabinet frames together
#6: Install fillers
#7: Drill holes for hardware like pulls and handles
#8: Attach cabinet hardware and get rid of
#9: Install finishing and mouldings
Popular Types of Natural Wood for Kitchen Cabinets
The most common varieties of natural wood used for wood-based kitchen cabinetry include oak, maple, cherry, and alder woods. While cherry and oak woods are known to be highly durable, maple wood is known for its stylish soft grain pattern while alder is the best when it comes to applying varnish finishes.
Birch, on the other hand, is a type of natural wood that is considerably cheaper and aligns with several colors and stains, compared to other wood types. You can go for birch kitchen cabinets if you are on a fixed budget.
Creative Ways to Use Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Knowing how to creatively use your natural wood kitchen cabinets can help to make them more functional. Here are creative ways you can leverage to creatively use wood-based drawers.
Maximize the storage capacity of the cabinets
Take advantage of cabinet dividers
Incorporate specialty drawers
Get rid of cabinet doors
Alternatives to Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
If you are unsure about the cabinet material you can choose in place of natural wood, you need to know that there are many material options available apart from wood. These include the following;
Laminate Materials
Laminate materials are not only affordable and easy to find but also to take care of and are resistant to impacts, facts that make them ideal for kitchen cabinetry.
Thermofoil materials can be manufactured from PVC in a variety of styles in terms of patterns. If you prefer high-glossed drawers made of non-wood materials, then you need to consider drawers made of thermofoil materials.
Apart from being used to make various types of kitchenware, this plastic-like material can be used to design cabinets. Melamine-based drawers are easier to clean, compared to thermofoil and laminate cabinets.
Final Thoughts
If you are thinking of refreshing the interior outlook of your scullery, then you need to consider natural wood kitchen cabinets as a styling option. They are not only versatile but also durable, functional, and compatible with different designs. Moreover, these drawers are affordable, and easy to install and maintain.
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