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All You Need to Know About Frameless Cabinets

The look of the kitchen cabinets is what sets the tone of the kitchen’s look. If you have amazing kitchen cabinets, then you will have an amazing kitchen. Therefore, the decision about the type of cabinets you are installing in your kitchen is very important. The first of the many decisions is whether you will install framed or frameless cabinets. Noting the importance of this decision, we will look into frameless cabinets in depth. ...

Factors that define frameless cabinets
To help you understand frameless cabinets, we will discuss the top factors that define them, which will help you decide if you want to install them in your kitchen.
Appearance of frameless cabinets
The construction of frameless cabinets is in such a way that the doors of the cabinets attach to the walls of the cabinets. When you close the cabinets, you will notice no surround in the door. The benefits of this appearance are as follows:
• They help in giving the kitchen a contemporary look
• They are cleaner
• They give the whole kitchen a minimal appearance that makes the kitchen appear larger.

Technically, both framed and frameless cabinets use the same amount of space, accessibility of the space becomes a differing factor. You can easily access a frameless cabinets. There is no frame around the box, which can hinder your access to the interior of the cabinets. The benefits of the spacing of frameless cabinets are:
• Makes it easy to operate in the kitchen
• Allows for more items in the cabinets.

Installation of frameless cabinets is a factor that you should consider before deciding to pick this cabinetry option. In the United States, frameless cabinets are still new and many installers are not familiar with them, meaning that you may need an expert to help you. However, the difference between framed and frameless cabinets is insignificant if the cabinets are constructed well.

The cost depends on the type of wood used. If the type of wood is the same, then there is a slight difference in the cost of framed and frameless kitchen cabinets. This is because frameless cabinets are thicker than framed cabinets. The thickness compensates for the lack of frame.

Strength and durability
If a frameless cabinet is built using substantial materials, then it can be very durable. However, if the materials are weak, the lack of a frame will make the cabinets less durable. Remember, the strength and durability based on the thickness of wood directly affect the price.
This information makes it easier for you to decide if you want to install framed or frameless kitchen cabinets.
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