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Shaker style kitchen cabinets are extremely versatile in what you can do with them. They can go from looking more like a traditional style to a modern style, depending on the hardware you choose to go with. ...

Shaker cabinets can have all different types of finishes applied to them. You can go with a basic stain to a more modern type of slick finish. We have a wide assortment of RTA Shaker kitchen cabinets finishes in stock ready to ship.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are classic, timeless and never go out of style. They lack any kind of unnecessary ornamentation and their streamlined surfaces make this style of cabinetry extremely easy to maintain. Its flexible functionalities, high quality material, gentle curving lines, long lasting finishes and moderate proportions are some of the reasons why RTA Shaker Kitchen Cabinets can shine in any kitchen design.

Our Shaker Kitchen Cabinets have a lovely adaptibility to any kitchen style – traditional or transitional. In fact, they are a very popular option in today's kitchen remodels. Their interesting wood texture, combined with simplistic designs in the material color stains, blends perfectly to make a kitchen environment feel rich in its natural beauty. They are available in different varieties and styles and we have samples below that you can go through to find out which hardware color stain would complement your overall kitchen architectural layout and other elements. Fancy to set up a Shaker style cabinetry this time? Order for a quote today!
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