21 Jul

Why Should You Opt for RTA Kitchen Cabinets Rather Than Custom Cabinets?

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When you decide to remodel or design your kitchen, the first thing that clicks on your mind is what cabinets you should opt for out of so many types. In the present days, mainly two types of cabinets are going popular: RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Custom Cabinets. From a neutral stance, in this article, we will put up a comparison between both these types of cabinets and will show why RTA cabinets are the fittest option for household requirements.

Don't draw any conclusion assuming that we are saying this from the stand point of expensiveness of custom cabinets. We know money is not a constraint for many. The aim of us is to aid in your decision-making by providing clarity on every aspect.

Here are 6 reasons why to choose RTA cabinets over custom cabinets for household kitchens:

1. Shipping Becomes Easier

RTA cabinets, as not assembled, are easier to ship because these don't occupy much space. Besides, when not assembled the structure of these is friendly to pack and deliver in damaged-free condition.

Custom cabinets, in contrary to RTA Kitchen cabinets, though don't keep any installation work for you, make the shipping process difficult. These assembled cabinets occupy large spaces and can be partially damaged on the way of shipping.

2. Professional Touch Builds Your Dream Kitchen

RTA Cabinets can turn your dream kitchen design into reality. The cosmic collection of these with modern designs, trendy themes, and vibrant colors opens the doors for you to find almost the replica of your design idea, which was within your mind but you were not sure of how it will look.

Custom cabinets are designed as per customer specifications. As a layman you may frame a cabinet design in your mind and want exactly the same, but this can lack a professional outlook in many respects such as: which colors synchronize well, which organization can give you more storage but virtually can make your kitchen look more spacious and stylish etc.

3. RTA Cabinets Can Be Stored Easily

This may happen that you wish to decorate a certain area of your kitchen later on. In such cases, you can store the required cabinet sets for that area for later use, and it won't be difficult for you as RTA cabinets occupy less area. This way you can grab the best deals anytime and save your pocket.

In today's modern city life, where you need to save each inch space to survive, storing custom cabinets in two-bedroom apartments and sometimes small than that is next to impossible.

4. Save a Bulk Amount in Labor Cost

In decorating interior, a major percent of your expense is spent on labor cost. First, RTA cabinets are less expensive; and, second, you can assemble them yourself without the assistance of any professional. As manufacturers prepare thousands of items, the cost gets reduced even more.

On the other hand, the price of custom cabinets is higher because those are designed as per customer requirements and involve a high labor cost.

5. Customization Is Also Available in RTA Cabinets

Though not custom, each model of RTA cabinets is enabled with unique useful specifications and the bonus is their exclusive styles and attractive colors. The range of specifications RTA cabinets cover will suit most of the user's requirements.

Custom cabinets can give you definitely more specifications, but those are not that much required for homely purpose. When you get a level of customization in good price in RTA cabinets, buying custom cabinets is simply wastage of money for domestic requirements.

6. Takes Less Time in the Entire Process

RTA Cabinets are manufactured in thousands of pieces. You just choose the model and the delivery process starts. It takes just a few weeks to reach to you.

Choosing custom cabinets slows down the process. First, the product will be made based on your requirement and then the shipment process. It may take more than 3-4 months. This means that you can finish the entire process more quickly in RTA kitchen cabinets.

A Final Takeaway

It's time to get over your superficial fallacy. Any product available in cheap price doesn't mean that's inferior in quality. So, the ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets should be your ideal choice as you can save thousands of dollars.

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