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What are the Color Choices for Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?

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Playing with designs becomes fun when design dominates the way we live. Nevertheless, kitchen designs have been characterized by constant change, experimentation, and innovation. Thus, one of the vital elements in a kitchen design witnessing the maximum evolution is the kitchen cabinet because of its inherent importance in the kitchen space.

Of late, distressed kitchen cabinets have seen a fair amount of buzz and upsurge in the interest of homeowners and interior designers alike. Due to their unique rustic appeal, and robust build, coupled with the charm of simplicity and versatility, distressed cabinets have been garnering the attention of the masses in definite ways.

Apart from their unique appeal and adaptability to various kitchen styles (contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, or shaker), homeowners are spoilt also for the wide range of color choices it offers for distressing.

Right from barn-red and sage green to timelessly antique white and gray and, of course, the classic weathered wood stains and more, we have some solid color choices to play with. Here, we will discuss them in detail. But first, let us briefly discuss the distressed kitchen cabinets below.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets - A Brief Introduction

essed Kitchen Cabinets - A Brief Introduction

Although considered a recent trend, distressed cabinets or their spin-offs have been around for more than a century in the form of classic farmhouse cabinets.

When designers blended the contemporary designs with the charm of the old-age look, they created distressed kitchen cabinets. Simply speaking, distressing a cabinet means giving it an old and weathered appearance on purpose to make it look aged and well-used.

Distressing is achieved through various methods, depending on the materials and desired color effects and finishes. Common among them are distressing using certain chemicals, sandpapers (known as sanding), or waxing the surface.

If you want to know more about distressed kitchen cabinThe Color Choices for Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

ets and why you should install them, we recommend reading about it here.

The Color Choices for Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed cabinetries have become a choice for designers due to their ability to look well-used and cared for and for their color choices. Let us explore the top color choices that homeowners prefer and why.

1. Timeless Gray and Antique White

The soft off-white shades, often merging with darker shades such as brown, tan, or black, make gray exude a timeless elegance complementing various kitchen styles, from farmhouse to coastal-style kitchen spaces.

Contemporary designers have ventured into the softer tones of gray to give it a natural hue, pairing beautifully with light and dark countertops. It can add a dash of sophistication that could be hard to resist.

The distressed finishes achieved through the shades of farmhouse gray or cashmere gray make the kitchen space look like it has a history that keeps evolving.

2. Everything Woody

This one comes, obviously, because of the roots of distressed cabinets in the farmhouse-style cabinetry. The rustic and rugged appearance of the natural aesthetics of a farmhouse kitchen is brought into contemporary homes when the cabinets are distressed with earthy tones of walnut, oak, tan, etc.

If you prefer the look of natural wood, choose weathered natural wood stains for the fine finishes. It accentuates the cabinet’s aged look and authentic distressed aesthetics.

Also, the woody shades of walnut, oak, or maple are versatile and compatible with various shades and can complement other kitchen wares, countertops, and backsplashes pretty easily.

3. Vintage Vibes of Sage Green

If you want to add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen space, sage green does the best job. The muted green hue adds subtle pops of color to your distressed kitchen cabinet and pairs well with the other woody accents.

If done correctly, this version of the weathered look can bring a touch of countryside into your kitchen. It creates a warm and inviting vibe along with the mystic charm of nature and mystery, leaving people in awe of the fact that there is something historic about the place.

4. The Nautical Charms of Blue

Consider distressing your cabinet with blue if you prefer a touch of nautical charm inside your kitchen. The level of unique distressing this deep blue hue offers will add a sense of depth and richness to your kitchen.

When your distressed kitchen cabinet is adorned with dollops of the nautical charm of blue, ensure that it is complemented with white or metallic accents to achieve a balanced look. Especially, the hardware or knobs, if made with brass, can highlight the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and elevate the atmosphere to an altogether different level.

5. The Bold Barn-Red

Distressed does not always have to be light and subtle. It can be as bold as you may prefer. If you want a bold, beautiful, and stylish statement kitchen of the old, look no further than the barn red hue. In its purity, it borders between dark tan, black, or midnight blue with a rich dash of red. But when it's distressed heavily, the reddish hue pops out in a weathered texture, lending a passionate appeal to the place.

When paired with the right kind of decor, hardware, countertops, and backsplashes, red distressed kitchen cabinets can make your culinary haven a treat to be in.

Define Your Space With The Right Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

For their unique appeal and weathered look, distressed kitchen cabinets stand out for many homeowners. Their unique blend of history and modernity brings forth a sense of awe and admiration to the place.

You have plenty of color options when styling your kitchen with distressed cabinets. Plus, you can play along with the lighting and personalization to give your kitchen the desired level of weathered look. Embracing a distressed kitchen cabinet signifies your adoration for things of heritage.

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