02 May

What are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets? Should You Install One?

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From daily living spaces, homes, and cooking spaces, design inspires our life and the way forward. The same is true for design as well, where life inspires designs. And we can see that in our daily lives.

Look, for instance, at the latest cabinetry design trends. Yes, we are talking about the distressed kitchen cabinet - a relatively new design trend, inspiring modern lifestyle kitchens.

Yet, its design practicality, functionality, and aesthetic inspirations come from our daily lives. In this blog post, we will explore what are distressed cabinets, and why you should consider installing one in your kitchen.

What Is a Distressed Kitchen Cabinet?

Distressed designs have emerged pretty recently. But, the roots can be traced back to centuries-old design aesthetics. Inspired by the simple and rustic country-style farmhouse cabinetry, designers brought aesthetics to contemporary kitchens by blending the look to give a more relaxed charm to the space.

Simply speaking, when a cabinet is purposefully designed to look worn-out, with the charm of aging giving it an ideal warmth in character, it achieves the look of a distressed kitchen cabinet.

This design style can be achieved through various techniques such as staining, sanding, or scrapping. It gives the cabinets a rustic and rugged appearance, and homeowners are loving it for various reasons.

Why Should You Install a Distressed Kitchen Cabinet?

Distressed designs portray a space that has been well-loved and looked after. Time and again, homeowners are flocking to embrace this design style in their home decor and living spaces, including the kitchen and dining area.

Here, we will take a closer look at why distressed cabinetry designs could be just the perfect choice for your kitchen.

1. Rustic Charm

It is hard to miss the charming outlook of a distressed design. Whether you have a modern house or your home is designed on the lines of traditional designs, these cabinetries can work out pretty well, yet stand out to lend the space its unique feel.

Distressed cabinets can add a lot of character to your kitchen space due to their vintage look. For many homeowners, it becomes a defining style statement for their homes. Their charming appearance depicts that the space and the furniture were well looked after and that they have well-lived through a long time.

Although subtle, this shows the caring side of the homeowner’s personality as well. And people more often love to spend time within the confines of such comforting spaces surrounded by caring individuals.

2. Simple & Versatile

Distressed designs are simple at their core. And they are as versatile as the nature of water. Designers love the fact that they can be worked out in any cabinetry style - traditional, modern, farmhouse, shaker, futuristic, etc.

Their simplicity is due to their sharp edges, simple lines, and no-frills design structure. They require very little ornamentation and are very easy to clean and maintain.

The versatility of distressed kitchen cabinets lies in the fact that their underlying vintage tone can be worked out for every form of kitchen style. Just by changing the shades and density of distressing, it can suit a whole range of styles.

For instance, a modern kitchen can have a rustic appearance with dense distressing of the kitchen cabinet. Whereas, a lightly distressed cabinet is used for a traditional style cooking space to give it a feel of authentic antiquity.

Moreover, the distressing can be achieved with various colors too. Designers suggest that stained glass, cherry, espresso tan, forest green, and wooden yellows can have the best distressing look for your kitchen.

3. Hidden Imperfections

As with life in general, designs are never perfect. The very nature of eternal designs stands on the fact that they mingle with life and keep on evolving along.

The best part of installing a distressed kitchen cabinet is that it can hide imperfections like a doting parent. Distressed designs can embrace and hide the blemishes of other wooden furniture in the space and make them their own.

It can also cover up scratches, dents, and other flaws, making them a part of the entire design structure and lending a synchronous and natural look.

Interior decorators love to work with these cabinets to remodel any old space and renovate them to give them a new leash of life. On the other hand, homeowners who want to buy a property with a dated appearance often prefer installing distressed kitchen cabinets for their homes.

4. Robust build

The materials of distressed cabinets make a huge difference in their style. They are generally made from natural wood. Timbers of chestnut, birch, oak, and maple are best suited for distressed design furniture.

The use of such strong and long-lasting materials makes for a robust build. They can withstand the test of weather conditions and wear out slowly and gracefully with time.

Sometimes, furniture decor made from these materials can outlast generations. Therefore, it becomes a definite choice for people who want to leave behind a legacy and also for people who value heritage.

5. Unique Style

Distressed cabinets have their design personality, which makes them stand out from the rest. Even modern kitchen spaces can have a distressed cabinet. And, it can be made to work out both ways - to stand out or mingle along with the other items of decor.

Nevertheless, whatever their purpose is, their ability to let you personalize the space will make people stand up and notice the aura of the kitchen. However, designers can achieve this feat without giving away any cue, leaving the onlookers wonderstruck.

6. Perfect Investment Option

Real estate investors who buy properties to put them on resale often find these designs are the best fit for their assets. Since distressed kitchen cabinets are simple, easy to maintain, and long-lasting, they get a preference over other types of cabinets.

Also, because of their versatility, they can appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. It can also complement numerous kitchen appliances, gear, and accessories. It makes it easy for the buyers to choose and take a 'buying' decision.

Wrap Up

Good designs stay eternal, and styles and fashion can be temporary. A distressed kitchen cabinet can provide a versatile design panorama to work out your aspirations according to your tastes. It also honors the space and its owners with a feeling that it has lived well through the years and was well cared for.

So, make your kitchen feel special and well-looked after with cabinetry designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Do tell us how you plan to design your kitchen with distressed cabinets. We are eager to hear from you.

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