19 Aug

Benefits of Installing Mid-Century Oak Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

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Making its foray into the mainstream market right after World War II, mid-century furniture designs continue to allure one and all.

As design trends took the plunge towards becoming more futuristic, mid-century kitchen cabinets gained widespread prominence much around the 1950s.

Delightfully, the trend has managed to trickle down the years, and still retain its charm.

Speaking of kitchen designs, oak kitchen cabinets have secured its sweet spot right between the nostalgia of homeowners and minimalism that millennial like and love.

And it's not only about charm and elegance. There’s more to it.

Mid-century oak kitchen cabinets are extremely functional, budget-oriented, come in an array of colors, and promise longevity over moderate to heavy usage. Oak kitchen cabinets are characteristic of raised cathedral style designs that come decked in honey spice, showing the grain.

Sure, the advent of lesser expensive and so-called cheap kitchen cabinets has engulfed a large part of the market. However, there is simply no replacing oak cabinets with engineered wood.

Beginning in 2019, it seems like there has been a strong resurgence of oak kitchen cabinets as a lot of manufacturers are turning to find their roots and achieve subtle elegance, keeping in terms with neutral shades and utmost versatility.

From rustic to modern, open to closed-door kitchens, oak cabinets have never failed to deliver a clean and classy look.

In this post, we take a closer look at some of the key benefits of installing oak kitchen cabinets.

Aesthetic appeal

One of the foremost characteristics of oak kitchen cabinets is its simplicity. Oak is strikingly beautiful, but never overpowering. As one of the finest choices amongst all mid-century kitchen cabinets, it pairs up great with matching wall colors and flooring.

Similar to stand out features of the mid-century furniture, oak kitchen cabinets are extremely pleasant to look and use. The muted colors and the smooth finish with rich accents readily imparts an earthly feel, wide and warm to the core.

In essence, oak kitchen cabinets carry an uncanny rustic charm but can pair up easily with almost any color you like.

Many aren't quite fond of the cabinet glaze. In such cases, oak kitchen cabinets can serve to be a great pick. As a matter of fact, when painted in dark shades, the wood grains from beneath exudes a luxurious feel making your kitchen an element of awe for onlookers.

Easy working and repair options

Oak kitchen cabinets are the ultimate pick if you are looking to customize for specific needs. Besides, they are extremely easy to work with and come with handy repair options.

In the case of regular plywood or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), any small piece of wood gets easily exposed when cut. As one glues the ends together on the inside, there is no doing away with purchasing a new material to achieve resurfacing across the freshly cut edges.

In comparison, oak kitchen cabinets can be easily repaired and the cut edges smoothen out with regular sanding and a dash of lacquer. Thus, one can always expect a consistent finish throughout the body of the cabinet.

Environment friendly

MDF cabinets are generally composed of little pieces of wood along with resin and wax glued together. Also, there is the plywood that contains thin wood veneer sheets, similarly fixed with glue. The very combination of all such Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) carries moderate to serious health risks across the kitchen and for other parts of the house.

Such is never the case with oak kitchen cabinets. They are one hundred percent natural wood that also comes with the manufacturer's promise of water-based, low VOC, which makes it environment friendly and safe for all.


Oak infused kitchen cabinets come with the grandeur of solid, natural wood.

While it's beautiful, it is also highly water-resistant. Compared to MDF, which does not offer any solid protection against water ingress, oak kitchen cabinets are a worthy option to consider making it less susceptible in a wet or damp condition.

Highly sustainable

One of the most settling qualities of oak kitchen cabinets is perhaps its sustainability. They are FSC certified and sourced from identified forests that have an established program for replanting.

In the case of plywood or MDF, it is seemingly impossible to determine their origin and can seldom claim to match the quality being offered.

If you crave for beautiful and sturdy furniture, think no less than oak kitchen cabinets. Great aesthetics, flexibility, easy customization and repair, and a promise of durability is what puts such mid-century cabinets way ahead of others.

Whether you choose to buy a cabinet online or from a physical store, it is advised that you visit multiple stores and manufacturers. You can also order for cabinet samples to check before you purchase them.

Some manufacturers also offer a try before buy option right at your doorstep. Remember, you always have the option to choose from stock, semi-custom, and fully customized cabinets.

Now that you know all about the benefits of installing oak kitchen cabinets, it's time to bring on some action and book yourself one right away!

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