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5 Reasons To Install White RTA Cabinets In Your Kitchen

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There’s something special in the color white. Classy and elegant, The color white never goes out of trend. So, if you are planning to build your dream kitchen or renovating the old one, White RTA Cabinets will be the ultimate storage choice for your cooking space.

RTA Cabinets are very popular as they are affordable and visually pleasing. Instead of buying branded finished products, more and more people are opting for Ready to Assemble cabinets nowadays.

Let’s take a look into White RTA Cabinets and find out why, of all colors, white can be the best thing for your kitchen.

1. Versatile: White is a color that goes with almost any style or décor of your kitchen. White creates a blank canvas that can be adorned and paired with almost anything. Whether it’s a warm colored hardwood floor, a marble floor, or a tiled floor, white RTA cabinets will complement all styles of decor.

Similarly, if you select a wall color complementing the floor, that too will look perfectly aligned with your white cabinets. This is true when you are building your new kitchen, as well as redecorating. You can change the floor or the wall color later without changing the furniture, and thanks to your white cabinets, they will look as gorgeous as always.

2. Stylish: The charm of the color white is popular with almost every interior decorator in the world. White cabinets look gorgeous in any setting you place them. Home designers never shy away from using white in their ideas, and neither should you.

3. Practical Choice: White RTA cabinets are a smart and practical choice for your kitchen. A bright interior helps lighten up the kitchen very well. So, you don’t need to install a bunch of lights here and there. Just a few strategically placed light sources will be enough.

4. Hygienic: While some use this same argument against white interiors, we are going to use it to speak in favor of white cabinets. White makes dirt, dust, and grime all the more visible than any other color. This is something that most people find off-putting. But when you think about it, it is actually very helpful. Visible dirt means ease of cleaning. Thanks to your white cabinets, you know exactly where you need to clean up. In order to keep your white interiors spot-free, you’ll also ensure better hygienic practice.

4 White RTA Cabinets That You Can Install in Your Kitchen

#1. Uptown White Kitchen Cabinet

This white kitchen cabinet made out of high-quality maple wood perfectly complements the pristine ambiance of this kitchen. The Uptown white kitchen cabinets sporting a painted and bakes finish perfectly matches the white countertop and the gray brick-tile backsplash. The solid wooden door comes with a full overlay, soft close design. The drawers are dovetail in design and come with soft-close features. If you want a neo-traditional kitchen similar to the one in the picture, do not forget to install some quality pendant lights.

#2. Ivory White RTA Cabinets

Do you want a minimalistic looking kitchen? Then go for Ivory white RTA kitchen cabinets, without a second thought. The stark white flooring with the mosaic tile backsplash along with these white RTA kitchen cabinets creates a cozy atmosphere for your home. Made of maple wood, the Ivory white RTA kitchen cabinets come with frame construction and sport a painted and baked finish. The door is made of 100 percent solid wood and comes with full overlay. The door hinges are hidden and soft close. So even if you slam the door in a hurry it will not make a sound on being closed.

#3. Colonial White RTA Cabinets

Elegant, mesmerizing, and royal. The colonial white RTA cabinets will make your kitchen look regal and royal. The warm wooden floor contrasts starkly with the white RTA kitchen cabinets, white granite countertop, and the golden motif wallpaper backsplash. The ornate pendant lighting adds to the entire character of the room.

#4. Classic White RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Last but not the least, the classic white RTA kitchen cabinets can be called an allrounder, as it can be installed in all types of kitchens, irrespective of the size, theme, and décor style. These cabinets are made of maple wood and come with soft close drawers and doors sporting painted and baked finish. While the drawer slide is under-mounted with full extension, the door hinges are European hidden. From a small city kitchen to a farmhouse, the classic white RTA kitchen cabinets are a perfect fit for any kitchen.

In Conclusion

RTA white kitchen cabinets are classic and have been a popular choice in the market for years. However, it is important to buy a kitchen cabinet for established manufacturers. Cabinet DIY offers a wide range of affordable white RTA kitchen cabinets to its customers. To keep the whole process of buying cabinet transparent, Cabinet DIY offers cabinet comparison, design consultation, and assembly assistance to the customers. You can also request a professional 3D kitchen design service from the Cabinet DIY website for free to see how a cabinet of your choice will look in your kitchen, before buying it.

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