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How To Use Distressed Kitchen Cabinets to Stylize Your Home?

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Distressed kitchen cabinets are vintage-style popular kitchen cabinetry that focuses on intentionally creating a weathered look. This design and style is an all-time favorite of homeowners who want to add a rustic and vintage appearance to ther kitchen. Since the kitchen is the most crucial part of any house and the installed cabinetry greatly influences its aesthetics, it is essential to pick the right cabinetry design. If you like these cabinets featuring an aged appearance and want to use them to style your home artistically, this article is here to help.

After talking to various interior designers and house styling experts, we’ve curated the top five ways anyone can adopt to stylize their house using distressed kitchen cabinets. These cabinets may possess a weathered look, but they are durable and beautifully add a distinct charm to the surroundings. Read along if you’re ready to explore the different ways to utilize these cabinets.

5 Best Ways to Use Distressed Kitchen Cabinets to Stylize Your Home

Distressed kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for homeowners that want to use this vintage-inspired cabinetry to complement various kitchen styles, like cottage, farmhouse, shabby chic, etc. If you want to create a stylishly cohesive look that pairs incredibly well with the remaining house décor, follow the five tips shared below.

1. Strike the Right Balance with Other Finishes

Creating a perfectly balanced look is a rare art. If you have decided to install distressed cabinets in your kitchen, you must ensure they seamlessly fall in place with other kitchen elements. It will help you avoid creating a chaotic and unclean kitchen scene. For example, you can pair these cabinets with a stainless steel faucet or sink to create a striking balance between rustic and modern design.

You can also adjust your countertop and flooring choices to create a complete and balanced kitchen look. Picking the right finishes will also help create a stylish look that adds personality to your kitchen.

2. Add Some Pop of Color

Distressed kitchen cabinets can be the best canvas homeowners can get to add the right colors to their house, especially the kitchen. Some people have a misconception that distressed cabinets can only have pure white or any other shades of white. In reality, you are allowed to add in whatever color you like. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire cabinets to add a pop of color and bring the cabinetry to life.

For example, when you’ve added a weathered touch to your cabinets, you can add some colorful accents in the form of decorative plates, gorgeous decorative molding, etc. You can add colors in the background or surroundings to achieve a seamless look. Colorful rugs, curtains, colored backsplash, vibrant countertops, or a kitchen island are a few elements that can be used to add a beautiful pop of color to stylize your house.

3. Work to Create a Cohesive Look

When using distressed cabinets, you must think and work creatively to maintain a cohesive look throughout the house. The easiest yet most powerful way to achieve this look is by using similar textures, colors, and materials in other rooms, like the entryway, living room, bedroom, etc. A quick example is maintaining a cohesive color scheme throughout the house.

If you have installed white distressed kitchen cabinets in your house, ensure the walls of your dining room or living room are painted in off-white shades. Homeowners can use similar textures and materials, like wrought iron, rustic wood, etc., to neatly tie everything together. It will help create a balanced and clean look that is perfect for every house.

4. Pay Attention to the Overall Style

Anyone who doesn’t want their house to look out-of-sync should be considerate of the overall house style. Depending on whether your current house styling is contemporary or modern, you should try to achieve a balanced look while installing distressed kitchen cabinets. You can add minimal and sleek accents to achieve the desired look. For example, you can pair beautiful distressed cabinets with an elegant quartz countertop or a modern stainless steel refrigerator.

Such pairing will strike an exquisite balance between the old and the new. Creating a cohesive and stylish look becomes easier when you pay attention to the overall style. It even reflects your personal taste in the arrangements.

5. Invest in Complementary Décor

Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t allow many homeowners to sit peacefully and thoughtfully pair complementary décor items for their house. To make it easier for everyone, we have some classic suggestions. For example, if you have decided to install distressed cabinets, you can pair them with complementary antique items to create a cohesive look.

An old-fashioned farmhouse sink, vintage-style light fixtures, quartz countertops, and stainless steel faucets are some décor yet functional elements that would aesthetically elevate your house appearance, giving it the required style upgrade.

Use Distressed Kitchen Cabinets to Upgrade Your House Style

Distressed kitchen cabinets are an excellent addition to any home, willing to add charm, character, and uniqueness. While these cabinets look gorgeous, you must ensure they go well with your house décor for a streamlined and clean look. They require more maintenance than regular cabinets, so invest in these cabinets if you can put the required time and effort into their maintenance.

If you’ve decided to proceed with these cabinets, you can follow any of the tips featured in this article to make the most of these cabinets. These tips will ensure your distressed kitchen cabinets look their best, while adding artistically to the rest of the home environment.

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