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How to Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen?

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The kitchen is rife with flammable substances, sharp corners, and hard surfaces. When planning on extending your family or expecting a new member, child-proofing your kitchen would be a necessity. Moreover, you want a space that is organized, safe, and hygienic so that you can enjoy cooking and your kids can enjoy running around.

Designing a kitchen that fosters the needs of the entire family, especially the kids, requires crucial decisions. Remodeling is not a viable option for every family. Those looking for budget-friendly makeovers can quickly add and replace simple elements around the space.

With easy installations and additions around the kitchen, you can create a family-friendly environment that won’t seem tiring and help save you ample time and money.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Solid Countertops

Children are naughty, especially the younger ones. Having them around in your house means you are no stranger to dropped food, spilled liquids, and other mess in the kitchen. By the night your countertop may transform into an art and craft surface, which seems less ideal if you want to enjoy your time cooking.

To guard your countertop against wear and tear and stain-causing substances, consider quartz or porcelain surfaces. These scratch-free, non-porous, and stain-resistant surfaces are an excellent addition to a family-friendly kitchen.

2. Colorful Cabinets

You would want to select a cabinet color that you will be happy to live with. Different cabinet colors have different benefits. Some shades can brighten up and visually enlarge the kitchen, while others can make the room look cheery and lively. And when you have children around the house, instead of going for white, black, and grey, install dark green kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen cabinet can truly do wonders. It can transform the entire room in the blink of an eye. The best part about installing a cabinet is you don't have to stress about altering the wallpapers or restyling every other feature. Trendy cabinets like dark green kitchen cabinets can influence the space and make it more appealing. Your kids would love to hang out in a place that reverberates with fun and naturalness.

3. Appropriate Seating

Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all”, when it comes to chairs. High chairs of all sizes are available for children. If your kitchen has a dining table, ensure that the chairs are of the proper size.

When designing a kid-friendly kitchen, make sure that they can easily access them. Having step tools and high chairs make it easier for kids to reach the sink, worktops and have meals.

4. Upgrade Lights

When creating a family-friendly kitchen without overspending, little updates can yield good results. To many families, it's not just about the meal but a space where everyone sits together to spend a good time. Consider cabinet lights, task lights, ambient or accent lights.

When you have kids around the house, the kitchen should be the safest place possible, as sharp utensils lie here and there. And adequate lighting is the best way to ensure that. Apart from making the space functional, it also highlights other features of the kitchen.

Imagine your cooking space with stunning dark green kitchen cabinets reflecting polished surfaces with the right kind of lighting.

5. Add a Chalk Board

Sounds inappropriate? If your kitchen is spacious, placing a blackboard would be great! Children love to play with chalks, and it is the easiest way to monitor them while preparing food. Apart from that, it's fun to leave little notes behind or quick reminders for the family members.

6. Add a Kitchen Island

Every kitchen has the potential for a great display, storage area, and functionality. However, some spacious kitchens still don't have a kitchen island.

A kitchen island can solve all your problems. It has multiple uses, right from a place to cook and a place for the sink to where you can relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family. An island usually ranges between 1.1m to 1.4m in width to 2m to 3m in length.

Apart from your high-quality and elegant dark green kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island will give you additional drawers and shelves, simplifying your daily tasks. These are also perfect when you have children in your house, where they can eat, study, and give you company.

The Final Takeaway

The things you invest in should provide you with the best outcome and should stand the test of time, so you no longer have to worry about replacing them once every year. With the above-mentioned points, a sufficient family-friendly kitchen can be ready.

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