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7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

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Take a look around your house and notice how many spots and places require sprucing up, especially your kitchen.

The kitchen is that one space where you can maximize your creativity and play with different colors, patterns, and textures. Creating a visual impact isn’t impossible when you have a space so wide. There are so many different ways to make your cooking space look really expensive.

Simple Kitchen Restyling Ideas to Create an Expensive Look

A kitchen comes with feel and standard, comprising modern kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes. Giving these kitchen essentials your creative twist is what’s going to change the look of your existing kitchen.

Following are seven great ways to luxe your kitchen in a smart way.

1. Thought about installing a modern kitchen cabinet?

Installing a kitchen cabinet is the first step toward building an expensive and elegant kitchen. Kitchen cabinets, especially modern kitchen cabinets, come with a unique charm that other cabinetry fails to match. There’s something so impressive about the texture and quality of these modern cabinets that make them stand out.

When purchasing, go for those cabinet manufacturers who can provide you with samples. This way, you will understand the feel of the modern kitchen cabinet, and it would be worth the investment. Choosing a renowned brand, like Cabinet DIY would be beneficial because they offer a wide range of modern cabinets, including matte black, white glossy, vintage walnut, saddle wood, green satin, etc.

Pick the right color and texture that suits your house and your personality.

2. Utilize some space-enhancing tricks

Small kitchen owners focus on getting the layout right, but kitchens can benefit from being made to feel spacious and brighter. There are some surprisingly creative ways to execute this.

Did you know that if you had chequered kitchen flooring, your eyes would reach the corners of the room? Another trick could be installing modern white kitchen cabinets that could immediately make the space seem bigger since light colors are more reflective. You can also have a roof window, which can make your kitchen three times brighter and spacious-looking with the natural light pouring inside.

3. Concentrate on the kitchen island

Create a luxurious kitchen by focusing on the space’s centerpiece- the kitchen island, which shouldn’t be costly. You can paint the island, which is a great money-saving option. Keeping the island color natural or neutral provides an upscale look. Don’t miss out on it.

4. Lightings to make your kitchen look lavish

Agree or not, lighting completes the space! Interior designers say that lightings are crucial because they guide our eyes and sets the mood. So installing light fixtures is an easy and effective way to make the kitchen look and feel expensive.

Lots of people tend to look up at the ceiling as soon as they enter a cooking space. Low-hanging lights above the kitchen island create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Gold lantern chandeliers also help elevate the dull-boring, regular kitchen. Installing dimming lights creates a luxurious surrounding. Placing mini lamps can also give a unique style to your kitchen.

5. Add some highlights

To make your kitchen look expensive, a few highlighting pieces can make it appear like a lot of money and thought have gone into creating it. For example, a highlighting sink like stone or copper can really boost the look. Another interesting way to elevate the room is by bringing some artwork or getting a food menu framed from your favorite restaurant. These are simple but beautiful touches to complete the room.

6. Understanding the color scheme

When renovating your kitchen, you have a range of colors to choose from. Some cheery, bright shades or elegant ones, whatever you choose, should seem harmonious. In our suggestion, some great color palettes to make your kitchen look expensive can be royal hues, white, grey, black, brown, and beige.

Pay careful attention to the dark and light shades. If your cabinets are dark, you might want to choose a light color for the wall.

Understanding some simple color contrasts can help in creating an elegant ambiance. Whichever color your cabinetry is, you can easily search the internet to find the proper color scheme that complements it. Once that's done, depending on the area of your kitchen, you can make further modifications, like replacing the hardware.

7. Don’t forget the hardware

If your cooking space has cabinets and drawers, you'd require replacing the older ones with brand-new pulls and knobs. This simple step, i.e., upgrading to high-quality hardware, can revamp your cabinet.

In Conclusion

Even though your kitchen is smaller, there are many ways to make it look expensive and grand. Using some of the above tips, like installing a modern kitchen cabinet or simply replacing the hardware, will be enough.

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