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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on a Budget

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So, how does your dream kitchen look like? Does it include classic cabinet designs, like black and white kitchen cabinets? Or, an overall posh design?

Everybody wants their kitchen to be functional and look expensive at the same time. There always comes the budget-consideration while renovating a kitchen. But, never let your budget prevent you from making an interesting face-lift to your old kitchen look.

7 Budget-friendly Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

There is no doubt that a luxury makeover requires more expenses. But, there are also many ways to decorate your dream kitchen within your budget.

Here are seven such ways that you must read to make your kitchen look big-budget.

1. Focus on Your Cabinet Design

Older cabinets that look a little dull also flatten the look of your modular kitchen. As cabinets create a focal point in your kitchen space, you need to pay attention to them to make your kitchen look expensive.

We have a huge collection of painted kitchen cabinets. You can pick any among them to make a gorgeous kitchen look. But, the question is how can you make the kitchen look lavish with a low budget?

First of all, you can get our kitchen cabinets of your preference at an affordable price. Secondly, you can go for timeless colors, like black and white kitchen cabinets. It is the classic combo of kitchen cabinets that never goes out of style.

The benefit of choosing a timeless design is that you don’t need to change your cabinet shade every few years. You can avoid the expenses of remodeling your kitchen cabinets in the next eight to ten years by installing timeless cabinets.

2. Hide Small Appliances

When your counters are full of small appliances, they can knock down your kitchen look. Cluttered counters give an impression of disorder in a kitchen.

Neat and clean kitchen counters make your kitchen area look more spacious. It creates a luxurious feeling in your kitchen. Instead of placing your spice jars and small pots on the countertops, keep them inside your cabinets. Bring them out whenever needed and put them back into the cabinets after use.

3. Upgrade Your Lighting Fixture

As there are so many options for lighting fixtures available in the market, one must get confused while choosing one. If you flip any kitchen interior magazine, you probably notice that each kitchen includes a sleek and bright light fixture.

Simple and lustrous light fixtures enhance the glam of your kitchen. A simple statement light, like a chandelier or a pendant, brightens your space and changes its mood. Also, it adds a touch of brightness and opulence to your kitchen area.

4. Opt for Golden Hardware

Introducing the color golden adds a royal feeling to your kitchen area. If you have a light color or a combination of black and white kitchen cabinets, adding golden hardware glamorizes the appearance.

Purchasing golden knobs or pulls won’t cost the earth!

This idea is so economical to make your kitchen look expensive at a low cost. Also, think about a golden faucet to add charm to your kitchen sink.

5. Add Some Stools

Placing some stools by the side of your kitchen island not only looks deluxe but also makes your kitchen more functional. You can easily transform the kitchen island into a breakfast nook in the morning and a chic bar in the evening.

It is not like you have to place an expensive chair or sofa beside your island. Simple wooden or steel stools will be enough to embrace your kitchen environment. In addition, you can take a rest in between cooking or doing other housework.

6. Try Peel Off Backsplash

A backsplash is another factor to impact your kitchen look. A contrast backsplash that blends well with your cabinets can change the vibe of your kitchen outlook.

Following the latest trends, if you have black and white kitchen cabinets, you can go for a printed or patterned backsplash instead of a plain one. Removing old tiles from your backsplash and fixing new ones may cost you a bit more.

Here is a reasonable option that is sticking mosaic stickers over your lackluster backsplash tiles. In case you want to change, rent, or sell your property in the future, applying stickers is the most efficient way to design your backsplash. It looks exactly like tiles and can be neatly peeled off whenever you need a little change around the space.

7. Introduce Foliage

Did you know that greenery can add oomph to any dull corner of your kitchen?

The green foliage includes a touch of luxury vibe in the kitchen area. You can place some small plants across your kitchen surface, like beside the window, on the countertops, and so on. Also, you can make your kitchen a source of fresh herbs or condiments.

The lush green plants will create a visual as well as functional appeal in your kitchen at a minimal cost.

Concluding Note

Besides these seven interesting factors, there is another important point to keep your kitchen looking high-end. Do not avoid cleaning your kitchen after each time you use it. A clean and hygienic kitchen space influences a palatial vibe.

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