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7 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2022

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When someone enters your kitchen, the first thing that they check is your cabinets. Of course, while deciding on the interior of the kitchen, we think of everything. However, with that being said, we can’t deny the fact that your kitchen cabinets take up most of the space.

Now, if you have not planned the right look for your cabinets, then you may ruin the entire experience of your kitchen.

Fortunately, we have multiple cabinet options available today, like the trendy farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Whether you need options for a wood finish, color options, or hardware types, everything is available in the market.

In this article, we have discussed how you can use the seven best ideas for farmhouse kitchen cabinets and how these pair with other elements in your kitchen.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The first option on the list for farmhouse kitchen cabinets is to create rustic cabinets. These offer a cozy and elegant look to your space and make it feel larger.

How would you create a rustic kitchen?

Use wooden finish table top, countertop, and accessories. Pair it with off-white cabinets and shelves. You can pair lower closed cabinets with open shelves on the top if you require less space for storage. This will help you create a proper rustic and beautiful look in your kitchen by decorating the above shelves. Here you can place wooden accessories, white appliances, and a few plants.

Remember that lighting and centerpiece are the major attraction of this type of kitchen design. Hence, avoid bling if you are unsure what design to use. In place of this, utilize lighting with a black frame.

Grayscale Cabinets

In the grayscale farmhouse cabinets, you get an industrial as well as a modern look. Therefore, when designing your kitchen in grayscale, you need to be extra careful and understand that you can easily make it look like an industrial kitchen.

What is included in grayscale farmhouse kitchen cabinets?

It has straight lines designed in a modern way, allowing you to balance neutral tones. For example, white or marble countertop and gray farmhouse cabinets paired with a white backdrop, steel fittings, and gray lamps. You can take one or two open shelves and place white ceramic jars to enhance the look. Add a hint of wooden touch with wooden open shelves or cutting boards.

Vintage Victorian Look

One of the lesser-known interior ideas for your kitchen is a vintage Victorian look. It has highlights of the Victorian style, such as an oversized sink, high countertop, and a mix of blue and wood cabinets. The racks on the wall are rather vintage, not the modern look, the old-style wooden or board racks for holding your dishes. Even the windows are prepared with wood frames. You can add greenery to your kitchen with some indoor plants and succulents.

There are colors in this kitchen, but these tones complement each other completely.

To add to the design, you can add vintage transparent jars for storage and basic white dishes and utensils. Also, remember that the knobs and handles are also blackish or dark brown finish in vintage shapes.

Modern White

When you are confused about the design of your kitchen, you can always select modern white. This gives a clean look and makes your space look larger. Of course, white works best in every type of kitchen, but we believe that the true essence of modern white is revealed in a medium-sized kitchen with natural light.

How would you design this type of kitchen?

Play with shades of white and at max, one other color. You can take a white backdrop and marble flooring and countertop. For farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you have a choice for choosing textured white, plain white, or light gray. If you keep everything else white, then gray cabinets would bring out the design.

Contrasting Cabinets with Black

Create the perfect contrast of all times, black and white. Here, you may need all white kitchen cabinets, both above and lower ends. Pair it with a black countertop, black cooking utensils, and black dishes. Faucets and fittings may be silver or dark brown paired with wooden flooring or light brown or gray floor tiles.

For the backdrop, you can select from white or light brown tiles or white paint.

Remember that whenever you choose this type of design, you need to spend time keeping the kitchen clean.

Colour Twist Inspired by 70s

In the 70s, we had different colors in the kitchen, such as khaki, handmade mood, vintage styles, etc.

For a kitchen inspired by the 70s, you may want to keep cabinets in green or khaki color and find a finish that looks more handmade. Use big heavy fittings and accents to make the kitchen look aged and vintage.

It is also possible to pair it with wooden floor tiles and countertop along with a vintage mat.

Wooden Kitchen Look

The last look on the list is wooden farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Pairing this look is simple, you only need to add wooden finish modern cabinets, gray countertop, and white or brown marble flooring. There are many options in this design, you can change the color tones of the wood finish, add furniture of the same tone, and include warm lighting.


When you are redesigning your kitchen, using these seven best farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas can help you design a beautiful space. With the right kitchen design, you can enhance the look of your house, stay happy while eating, and ensure cleanliness in your space.

Go through the above ideas and make a choice!

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