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7 Amazing Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets

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Shaker kitchen cabinets have been popular in America for several decades. Much of their popularity can be attributed to their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and timeless elegance. Shaker furniture is known for being simple and functional in design. These cabinets feature five-piece doors with no bevel on the frame and flat, recessed panels. Simple slab drawer fronts are another common feature of Shaker cabinets.Together, these elements create a clean, elegant, and complete look.

Shaker cabinets were originally developed by a religious community known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. In common parlance, members of this community were known as ‘Shakers’. The furniture designed and used by the Shakers reflected their values of simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship. These pieces of furniture, including the simple and beautiful Shaker cabinets, were eventually adopted by American society at large, and remain popular to this day.

Tips for Furnishing a Small Kitchen with White Shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets are perfect for small and large homes alike. However, they can be particularly useful in a small kitchen, which does not have much space for elaborate design elements and decorative accessories. A set of simple, white, Shaker cabinets can be perfect for furnishing a small kitchen. Shaker cabinets will add an aura of simple elegance to the cooking space and the color white will create the illusion of spaciousness, preventing the room from appearing dark or cramped.

Some tips for making the most of the white Shaker cabinets in a small kitchen space have been listed below for your convenience.

1. Pastel Hues

If the kitchen cabinets are white in color and simple in terms of design, then a little splash of paint in the kitchen space can be very visually fulfilling. Therefore, a colorful backsplash or pastel walls can go a long way in adding a bit of life and radiance to the kitchen area. The contrast between the pure white cabinets and the quirky, pastel background will add a new visual dimension to the kitchen, making it more interesting to look at.

2. Pendant Lights

White Shaker cabinets are perfect for small kitchens because they can reflect light, making the space appear brighter and more spacious than it really is. Pendant lights are the ideal accessories that can help with this visual illusion. If a number of pendant lights are installed around the white cabinets, they will provide sufficient light for the cabinet surface to reflect. In turn, this will brighten up any dark nooks or corners in the kitchen and make the entire area look bigger and more open than before.

3. Metallic Appliances

Metallic kitchen appliances are ideal for a small kitchen with white Shaker cabinets. Combined with the simple white cabinets, metallic appliances create an aura of chic and modern minimalism. They can make an otherwise ordinary kitchen appear cutting-edge in terms of design and aesthetics. Appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, blenders, and rice cookers are present in almost all modern kitchens, so choosing the right ones can add a substantial amount of visual appeal to a small kitchen.

4. Cabinet Organizers

Simple storage solutions, such as cabinet organizers, can easily reduce the clutter in a small kitchen area. Some extra storage space can be created by investing in clever cabinet organizers such as pullout racks, dish drawers with movable pegs, spice racks, under-shelf organizer baskets, and pull-down shelving systems. These organizers help minimize unsightly kitchen clutter so onlookers can focus on the beautiful white Shaker cabinets.

5. Knobs and Pulls

Plain white kitchen cabinets with no decorative elements can get somewhat visually monotonous. Such monotony can be avoided by investing in some colorful knobs, pulls, and handles. For instance, golden knobs and pulls can enhance the elegance of simple white cabinets, while also adding a regal charm to the kitchen area. This contrast will help make the kitchen more vibrant without taking up extra space.

6. In-Built Waste Bins

Many modern kitchen cabinets feature roll-out waste containers, which can be pulled out when something needs to be disposed of and then pushed back into the cabinet. This helps save space in a small kitchen, as you don’t need to dedicate a corner of the kitchen exclusively for the trash cans. On the other hand, it also makes the kitchen look less cluttered and more aesthetically appealing, by hiding the waste bins from sight.

7. Glass Doors

White Shaker cabinets with glass doors can make a small kitchen look more spacious and open. Glass and other transparent surfaces create an illusion of spaciousness as they do not block our sight, allowing us to see further than we normally would. If you don’t want the contents of your cabinets to be visible, you can invest in Shaker cabinets with doors made of frosted or etched glass.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the ways in which you can decorate a small kitchen with gorgeous and durable white Shaker cabinets. However, you should ideally purchase kitchen cabinets only from a trusted and well-known manufacturer such as Cabinet DIY, in order to ensure that your cabinets will be made from the highest quality materials.

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