22 Jul

6 Incredible Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Modern

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The kitchen is the most used part of any house. It's a place of natural joy where the meals are prepared endearingly for the entire household. It is also a place where the entire family unites for a daily get-together during meal times. Not only that, your guests, friends, and relatives spend a lot of time in the kitchen area whenever they visit your house.

It is a cherished place to talk and gossip over myriad topics while having a crunchy bite from the refrigerator.

Naturally, such a place of revered charm needs to be looked after and renovated timely to make it look updated and modern. If you would like to make an extra effort to renovate or remodel your kitchen to give it a modern look, then there are many ways to do so.

You may paint your kitchen walls, ceilings, or cabinets, or install a modern kitchen cabinet. You may also add some new decors, change the lighting of the kitchen area, replace the existing countertops, etc., to make your kitchen more stylish and modern.

In this article, we share and explore some of the ways to make your kitchen look modern. So, the next time any guest comes over to visit your house, your kitchen could be a conversation starter.

Kitchen cabinetry

Since kitchen cabinets are considered the soul of your cooking space, it is not surprising that a simple tweak around your kitchen cabinet can make a world of difference in the way your kitchen area looks.

You may install a modern kitchen cabinet and work around the other aspects of your kitchen such as the walls, ceilings, countertops, or backsplash, to match it with your kitchen cabinet. It is a formula used by many homeowners to make their kitchen look modern.

You can effortlessly transform your old kitchen space by installing a modern kitchen cabinet. It will also facilitate easy function with several modern features and storage options. Right from Z-Series Matte Black, Brilliant White Glossy to Farmhouse Oak, Saddle Wood, and Ruby Red Glossy, you can choose from a range of cabinets available from Cabinet DIY, a trusted and renowned cabinet brand.

Install modern kitchen appliances

Style and modernity are not confined only to looks. To get the actual essence of a contemporary feel, your kitchen space must work like a modern kitchen area.

To achieve this, you can trade in your old appliances and install new modern technology that is energy efficient, automatically monitored, self-regulatory, etc.

Most modern appliances come in various styles, colors, and textures. Before choosing your kitchen appliances, keep in mind that your modern kitchen cabinet, the paints of the walls, ceilings, the lighting, and the appliances syncs naturally with the overall environment.

Flooring, walls, and ceilings

Often the most neglected area while renovating a kitchen, the kitchen floor can make or break your efforts to remodel your kitchen space. Kitchen floorings come in various materials, vinyl, wood, marble, tile, or stone. Modern kitchens even have ceramic flooring synchronized with the modern kitchen cabinet and countertop.

The kitchen shall look fresh and modern with freshly coated kitchen walls and ceilings. You can even contrast the walls with the ceiling and flooring colors.

Your kitchen space will change with the right tweak of coloring for your kitchen walls and ceilings. Moreover, once done with care, the flooring, walls, and ceilings will endure for a long time and ensure your kitchen stays modern.


Your kitchen’s hardware can either make it look outdated or modern. Kitchen hardware is like the ornamentation of the space. It is useful and can look beautiful if you pay some attention. Consider changing the handle knobs of the stove and the cabinet drawers.

Most modern kitchen cabinets come with chrome cup pulls or ornate sleeker handles. If your existing cabinet lacks it, consider changing and getting them to synchronize with the contemporary look and functionality of the kitchen space.

Kitchen countertops

The kitchen countertops cover a large area of the real estate of your kitchen. If your kitchen countertop is outdated, it may not only make your kitchen look shoddy but also make one feel dull around. Installing a modern countertop in your kitchen can be a game changer.

Nowadays, molded countertops of granite, graphite, or marble materials are engineered along with chrome steel, brick, and tiles.

Ensure that your modern kitchen cabinet and the countertop goes on well with each other. Modern cabinets give enough room to explore a large number of options available for installing a modern countertop as well.


The kitchen backsplash is one of the most visible elements in your kitchen. An untidy backsplash can attract the attention of even an untrained eye.

A modern style backsplash of a kitchen countertop can make your kitchen look leaner, cleaner, and tidier. It not only saves from the untidiness of the splashes during cooking but also adds to the overall stylish look of your kitchen.

Match your backsplash with the countertop material to give it a sophisticated and tasteful touch.

Wrap Up

Your kitchen can wear a modern and stylish look with just a few thoughtful touches and careful deliberation. Whether you install a modern kitchen cabinet with a countertop and a matching backsplash or increase your storage space by changing to a more sophisticated storage system, you have various options today.

Keep in mind your end design goal and the resources available to transform your kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

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