28 Nov

Tips to Jazz Up Your Neutral Kitchen

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Do you know that the layouts and color contrast of your kitchen interior also define your personality? The taupe kitchen cabinets in your kitchen reveal your maturity, modesty, and sophisticated nature.

Ideas to Furnish Your Neutral Kitchen

When you have a neutral kitchen interior, it may make you feel too ordinary sometimes. Here are some easy tips to jazz up your neutral kitchen interior.

Make an Attractive Combination of Cabinets

Choosing a particular shade for your kitchen cabinet is not an easy job when there is the availability of its wide range.

You can make a bold statement by selecting bold and bright color schemes for your cabinetry. In this case, try to keep your backsplash bland to keep a visual breathing space.

If your choice is something neutral, taupe kitchen cabinets can be an ideal pick. It is not true that only bright colors make a kitchen praiseworthy. Kitchen cabinets with muted tones create a subtle beauty and give your kitchen a modern look.

At Cabinet DIY, you will find a wide variety of kitchen cabinets with numerous shades and multiple patterns. You just need to choose the shade cleverly to create a perfect match with the rest of your kitchen interior. Our professionals can help you to find your dream color combination.

Let's Talk about Lighting

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, people usually overlook the lights focusing on cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc., first. But lighting is one of the most vital parts of a kitchen interior. The tone of the light decides the vibe in your kitchen. It can change the color of your cooked dishes.

Therefore, installing kitchen lights with natural shades is recommended. It blends well with taupe kitchen cabinets and enhances the kitchen area.

Now moving to the decorative part, there are various types of the lights, such as LED strips, pendant lights, wall-mount lights, chandeliers, and more available in the market. Install smart LED strips under your cabinets to brighten up your cooking area. You can also illuminate the dull corners of your kitchen with these fine lights.

The installation of simple pendant lights over the island creates a gracious vibe in your neutral kitchen. It coordinates well with your stylish stools. If you have a large kitchen space, a chandelier will be more than an attractive sight.

Decorate with Small Plants

An indoor space looks relaxing if you add some greenery to it. Small plants with pretty pots are significant to create an aesthetic vibe in your neutral kitchen. You can purchase some simple, artistic pots or make DIY pots. There is no limit to the number of plants you can place. Just make sure that your kitchen looks neat and not messy.

If there is a window in your kitchen, you can hang one or more pots near it. Also, placing a bonsai beside the window or on the island will create a placid sight. You can add a vase with some fresh flowers to energize your kitchen area. In this way, you can add charm to your neutral kitchen without breaking the bank.

Flaunt with a Cool Backsplash

The backsplash is the area between the countertop and the cabinets in your kitchen. This is the area that receives most of the cooking oil, grease, etc. Also, this is the area you can be creative with.

You can add tiles with geometric shapes or some pretty wallpapers to create an artistic background. The design and color of the backsplash must work well with your cabinet shade.

If you have taupe kitchen cabinets, backsplash tiles with warm shades like brown or beige will suit most. Backsplash tiles with a brick wall or metro patterns are popular and look classic on any kitchen interior.

You can go for a long, rectangular window as your backsplash. It is something unique and will allow more light and air to your neutral kitchen. Fix glass panes to block the outside air as your need.

Add Some Shine to Your Kitchen Area

No matter whether you want a modern or a vintage vibe in your kitchen, you can jazz it up by adding a little bling. You add some glossy golden handles and knobs to your cabinetry. It will offer a luxurious effect in your kitchen area.

The shiny cabinet pulls or handles add a touch of glamour to your neutral kitchen. Also, brass cooking appliances will help break the plain look of the space.

Advantages of Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

  • Taupe shade works well with wooden furniture and floor. Also, it blends significantly with stone tiles and creates a neutral contemporary look.

  • You can pair the taupe cabinets with any color of countertop, wall, or backsplash, and it will stand out stunningly.

  • This shade is suitable to carry both the modern and traditional look in your kitchen.

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