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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining White Kitchen Cabinets

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A modern white kitchen, a popular trend currently, amongst interior designers and homeowners alike, is here to stay.

Kitchens are always considered to be an integral part of every household.

White or off white kitchen cabinets lend a bright, cheerful feel to an area that is most frequented by the residents of a household.

Off white cabinets also infuse an essence of tranquility into your kitchen space and transform the home into a veritable Zen zone.

Investing in white cabinets, a light shaded countertop with matching tile backsplash along with a few trendy accessories can turn your modern white kitchen into a centerpiece of attention during social gatherings at home.

Adding white cabinets will also aid in making your kitchen space appear spacious and airy as compared to other dark-colored cabinetry options.

However, these above-mentioned advantages are often overlooked, as cleaning and maintenance are two major concerns that dissuade numerous homeowners from investing in off white kitchen cabinets.

These apprehensions are a myth as a modern white kitchen is a durable option that is easy to maintain if the listed tips are followed diligently:

Tips To Clean And Maintain Off White Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchens are high-traffic hubs that require cleaning and maintenance regularly.

The longevity of a pristine, modern white kitchen clearly depends on the proactive attitude of homeowners whilst cleaning and maintaining the white cabinets.

Listed below are few maintenance tips that can help you maintain a clean and hygienic white kitchen set-up at home:

  • Install An Effective Exhaust System

During cooking, the oil particles tend to disperse in the air and settle on the off white cabinets. Over time, these cabinets will appear dull and dirty due to the grease deposits.

Installing an effective exhaust fan or range hood will significantly reduce the excess grease build-up on the off white kitchen cabinets.

It is always imperative to ensure that the exhaust fan or hood is switched on before you commence the day’s cooking.

  • Clean The Off White Kitchen Cabinets At Regular Intervals

A Combination of Vinegar and Baking Soda

Always use a mixture with organic cleaning agents such as baking soda or vinegar to clean the kitchen cabinetry and accessories. These eco-friendly alternatives are safe as compared to the varied chemical variants available in the market.

The cleaning mixture for maintaining white cabinets can be easily prepared by following these instructions:

  1. Take 2 cups of warm water.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  3. Add a cup of vinegar.
  4. Mix the solution.

Dip a dry cloth into the solution; squeeze the cloth till the excess mixture drains completely and wipe down the white cabinets in a horizontal manner.

The tile backsplash and countertop can be scrubbed clean with a toothbrush or a soft nylon brush dipped in the above-mentioned solution.

  • Cleansers For Sink Area

You can use bleach to clean the sink area of your modern white kitchen by engaging in this process:

Place paper towels at the base of the sink and soak the same with bleach for 30 minutes. Thereafter, remove the paper towels and use warm water to thoroughly rinse the sink and remove all persistent grime stains.

Lemon juice and club soda are two alternatives that work as effectively as bleach and can be used to deliver identical results.

Homeowners need to exercise caution whilst cleaning a modern white kitchen. The use of abrasive scrub pads to remove stubborn stains should be avoided at all times as this method will scratch the exterior surface of the laminates and lead to irreparable damage to the off white kitchen cabinets.

Preferably, these cleaning procedures have to be undertaken every month.

  • Protect White Cabinets From Direct Sunlight

Natural sunlight is a key factor that can be used to accentuate the visual ambiance of a modern white kitchen to the next level.

Interior designers typically incorporate all available natural light sources whilst planning a kitchen layout as these eco-friendly options significantly reduce the operating costs of artificial lighting in the designated area.

Allowing a natural light stream into a modern white kitchen will illuminate the entire space and create a spectacular setting.

However, the long-term exposure to direct sun rays through windows or sunroofs can have a detrimental effect on the fascia of the off white kitchen cabinets. The laminates of the cabinets can develop a yellow tinge and eventually crack.

It is always advisable to install curtains, blinds or tinted glass panels on the windows of the kitchen before you buy white kitchen cabinets. These minor changes in your kitchen design will tone down the damaging impact of direct sun rays on the cabinets without compromising on the brightness factor.

Frequent maintenance checks for stains or spillages are mandatory if you wish to increase the longevity of your off white kitchen cabinets and protect your modern white kitchen from early signs of deterioration.

By adapting these aforementioned cleaning and maintenance tips, you can rest assured that your modern white kitchen will always be the stunning highlight of your dream abode for a long time to come.

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