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The Rise of Black Kitchen Cabinets: Why Are They So Popular?

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Be it your day-to-day meal preparation or having your entire family together for Christmas—you can’t skip cooking and most importantly, your nice and warm cooking corner.

Surely, you put your best effort to make your kitchen look stylish and up-to-date. But if you have noticed, lately, the predominance of white kitchens has been shaken by the color black.

Today, in this blog, you’ll learn why black kitchens, as well as black kitchen cabinets, have grown into a universal favorite and how you can implement it at your home.

Is Black the New White?

Now, everyone desires a state-of-the-art kitchen, polished, tip-top, and trendy without going overboard.

In case you’re familiar with home décor and lifestyle magazines, you know how much they like new kitchen ideas. Moreover, the use of social media can keep you more updated on such matters.

Social media influencers like to play with whatever’s new in the block, and black kitchen arrangements have received plenty of appreciation. It became trendy among the masses and the classes.

Why people are risking the bold black over the safe and secure white?

The black kitchen trend gained steam in recent years. Black is known for symbolizing professionalism, elegance, and sophistication. So, if the thought of a black kitchen scares you off, check out the benefits it offers:

  • Black combines the best of both worlds—modern and traditional.

  • Black is more forgiving than white in terms of neatness.

  • Black speaks of your unusual yet spirited taste in kitchen furnishing.

  • Black stands out even in a minimalist approach.

  • Black goes well with any other color in the backdrop.

Ways to Rock The Black-Themed Kitchen

Believe it or not, black is inspirational, and there are several ways to rock it without making your cooking space look too small or stuffy.

Make a Style Statement with Black Cabinets

The simplest technique for a black kitchen makeover is by switching to the black cabinetry mode. The black kitchen cabinets will complement the dark countertops and a white ceiling.

They are, in fact, a blessing for people with tight schedules. The black cabinetries inside require less maintenance and regular clean-ups.

Try a Classy Monochromatic Kitchen

Monochrome isn’t monotonous, rather a modern rendition of the classic way of doing the interiors. You can install darker kitchen furnishings against a lighter backdrop and make your cooking space a head-turner.

In addition to the natural light, your can plan for some ambient light to balance out the environment.

Give Way to the Crisp Metal-Look

It’s needless to say that black and metal share an immortal bond. Would you mind experiencing a black and metal fusion in the kitchen? Well, the metallic fixtures, like the handles, joints, and hinges become way more prominent against a dark or black background.

Brass, nickel, or stainless steel fixtures are some of the worthy additions. Brass has a unique style, and its original color can create an interesting character in contrast to the black. Even the appliances offered in silver can also serve justice to your black kitchen.

Bid Adieu to Shine with Black

The smoke, oil, and grease are more than enough to add shine to your kitchen walls and cabinets. Hence, black becomes the correct choice for your cooking corner.

While white kitchens are blamed for that extra sheen, black cooking areas absorb the light and reduce the unwanted brightness. If you are looking for a non-glossy cabinet, select the matte black collection of cabinetries.

Make It Fun with Accent Colors

Don’t let your black be too engulfing. Add some fun with accent colors to enhance the impact. Although black makes a good pair with any shade, this time try choosing from a lighter color palette. For instance, a dash of seafoam green or turquoise blue would accentuate the room, adding the right amount of highlight.

Attain Perfection with Matching Islands

Surrounded by black cabinets, you can get the proportions right with black kitchen islands. However, for medium to small size kitchens, it is better to use complementary shades for the island and the countertop. A two-toned cooking space is a perfect blend of sophistication and warmth.

Plan the Lighting

When the primary color of your cabinetries is black, planning the lighting meticulously is a prerequisite. The sunkissed black interiors during the daytime would demand sufficient artificial luminosity once it gets dark outside.

Generally, easy-to-stick under-cabinet lightings are suggested for black kitchens. However, if it’s an exquisitely designed modern kitchen, then the metal lampshades or hanging lights would be ideal.

Wrap Up

Black is bold and elegant. They are setting the standards for an ultramodern cooking space. In case you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade soon, you can count on the black kitchen cabinets blindfolded. Because black is not just a hot favorite at present, it has a spark indeed to outlast the predictions of the future.

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