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The Features to Look for in European Style Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchens are evolving gradually to become more stylish and functional than those in the past. They have brought a new flare to the old kitchen styles which featured bland wooden accessories. 

A kitchen's ambiance is greatly affected by the design and d├ęcor of the room. A beautiful and appealing cooking space makes the area more functional and conducive to productivity. Installing beautiful kitchen cabinets of contemporary style ensures a drastic change in the aura and appearance of your kitchen. Moreover, it also provides more storage space to make room for all the kitchen utilities. 

European style kitchen cabinets are popular cabinet variety that is ideal for modern homes. This kitchen cabinetry delivers a fresh and extraordinary look to your home, making space look warmer and inviting. These cabinets also help enhance the functionality of the kitchen and store various kitchen commodities efficiently. 

European style cabinets have a distinct glossy finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Available in beautiful colors, you can choose the color that best suits your tastes when buying a European Style Kitchen Cabinet for your household. These are usually available in solid, neutral hues, such as white, off white, taupe, brown, and gray. This type of cabinetry offers a sleek and modern aesthetic with the use of various kinds of materials, hardware, colors, and finishes. 

Here are a few features of European style kitchen cabinets to help guide you while trying to purchase the perfect cabinet for your home. 

Striking Features of European Style Kitchen Cabinets

European style cabinets come with smooth surfaces, minimal embellishment, glossy hardware, are frameless, and are usually made from wood and other synthetic materials. A detailed account of the vital characteristics of these cabinets is shared below.

  • Frameless Design of European Style Kitchen Cabinets

One of the many unique aspects of European style cabinetry is its frameless structure. These cabinets have a seamless appearance due to this design and they also have an ultra-smooth look, which can make them exceptionally attractive. 

The face frame structure of the cabinet consists of a stile or vertical piece, and a rail or the horizontal member, that are used at the front part of standard cabinet construction, where the cabinet door is fixed. In this face frame style of cabinetry, the panels are inserted and fastened to the stile and rail. In frameless construction, European style cabinets are devoid of rails and stiles and use only panels. The doors of the cabinets are directly joined to the panels with the help of hinges. For their stability, these types of cabinets make use of box construction or a wider cabinet carcass. 

Frameless construction also includes full overlay cabinet doors, that are attached to the cabinet box sides. Concealed hinges are used in this type of cabinet. Full overlay doors provide a seamless design by hiding the frames of the cabinet behind its doors. 

There are some great utilities of frameless European style kitchen cabinets, such as greater access, and it provides more room to store kitchen essentials. This is due to the absence of face frames in the cabinet that can impede the opportunity of full storage. The frameless construction gives a cleaner look and makes for more coherent cabinet design.

  • European Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Usually, European style cabinetry has an unornamented and flat structure. In general, a slab style door is used in these cabinets, which is the basic form of cabinet door available in the market. This type of cabinet door includes single, solid, plain flat wood, which is devoid of any ornamented edgings, trims, panels, or frames. 

Slab style doors suit European style kitchen cabinets well for their smooth surface and can be incorporated with any material used, like teak wood, laminates, acrylic, or veneers. This type of door provides a minimalist look to this cabinet, which is exclusive to European style cabinetry. 

  • Hardware Used in European Style Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets use the latest hardware components to make your kitchen space more convenient and efficient to use. European cabinet handles are streamlined in form, plain, and angular. In some cases, this cabinetry is made without handles for a more seamless appearance. 

Some of the cabinet hardware which would suit European style kitchen cabinets perfectly have been mentioned below.

1. Tab Pulls

Tab pulls are typically used in European kitchen cabinetry. They are L-shaped and are fixed on to the upper part of the base cabinet doors. The wall cabinets are fitted with this hardware near the bottom so as to ensure an easy grip. Tab pulls facilitate easy access and simplicity of operation. These are found in a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes. There are small tab pulls or bigger ones that encompass the entirety of a cabinet drawer or door. With European style cabinets, metal or stainless steel tab pulls make for the perfect contrast, which creates a statement design for a kitchen. 

2. Integrated Handles

European style kitchen cabinets use these stylish integrated handles. This is a built-in hardware component with an inwardly beveled edge. This hardware facilitates easy operation as the recessed space allows for better grip. Integrated handles are found in a wide range of materials, like metal and wood, and the colors can be chosen to complement the color scheme of the cabinet. These handles are of different kinds, such as the J channel metal rail pull or the C channel metal rail pull. 

In Conclusion

Incorporate European style kitchen cabinets in your modern living space and see how beautifully these blend with the other modern and chic accessories. With unadorned and flat doors, sleek and glossy hardware, and the frame of the cabinet concealed completely by the door, this type of cabinetry offers a streamlined and elegant look. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your interiors with this ultra-modern cabinetry.

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