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Stained versus Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Which One Should You Choose?

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20th Century was a great time for all things fashionable. Not only clothes but interior décor also went through some serious style makeover. And standing here today in the second decade of the 21st century, we millennials put more effort into stylizing our homes more than ever.

And that means we have some serious decision-making to do and choose from a plethora of equally stunning designs and themes. One of such difficult decisions is to choose between stained and painted kitchen cabinets. Not only do both look great, but each of them offers some unique benefits that you cannot find in the other. So, if you too are confused about how to decorate your kitchen, keep reading to make your decision-making process easier.

Stained And Painted Kitchen Cabinets: What Are They?

Stained Kitchen Cabinets:

These are new or refurbished cabinets made up of wood where a stain is applied which is of a similar shade of the wooden furniture and gives it a fresher and newer appearance and feel. The stain is a type of finish, similar to the wood that protects the furniture from damage, enhances the grain, or change the color. It is pigmented and helps improve the current state of the cabinet.

It is available in many shades, mostly similar to the shades of the wood like oak, maple, walnut, or pecan. This stain gets absorbed by the wood to give an even look. To achieve a smooth appearance, several rounds of staining and sanding is required. Stains are created using different types of binders that are generally, oil-based, water-based, or gel-based.

To determine which stain is to be used, the woodworkers should consider the type of wood and the purpose of the project.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets:

These kitchen cabinets are freshly coated with a type of paint (mostly latex or oil-based) that is the most suitable with the material of the cabinet. The surface first has to be scuffed with sandpaper to make it smooth. Then a coat of primer is applied to even out the surface after which the final coat of paint is applied. The dyes in the paint can be in a vast range of colors. Paint can be applied with a sprayer, brush, or a brush and roller. There are certain finishes available with paints. They usually consist of gloss finish, semi-gloss or satin finish, and flat finish. Depending on the users' preference and budget, the type of paint and finish is finalized. White Kitchen Cabinets are the most desirable option for Painted Kitchen Cabinets.

Stylistic Difference: What Type Of Cabinets Will Suit Your Kitchen?

Stained Kitchen Cabinets Will Suit You If:

· You want a midcentury, traditional, and classic touch in your kitchen setup.

· You want to add shades of nature with wooden cabinets in shades of brown.

· You want a rustic feel with elements of the earth like wood complimenting in its actual shades of deep browns and blacks.

· You have a large kitchen and prefer cabinets that give a more subtle and natural appeal.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Will Suit You If:

· You want a contemporary modern kitchen with trendy colors on cabinets.

· You want an urban kitchen feel with white kitchen cabinets that create an illusion of a bigger space.

· You have a small modular kitchen setup that will look smaller with dark stained kitchen cabinets.

· You have dark walls and need contrasting shades on the cabinet to compliment it well.

· You like Painted Kitchen Cabinets that offer a clean aesthetic and can be used as a canvas for elaborate designs and give the space a new level of elegance.

Functional Difference: Maintenance and Longevity

Stained Kitchen Cabinets:

Stained Kitchen Cabinets have a long shelf life of around 20-30 years with minimum chances of showing any cracks or visible dirt. It requires lower-cost supplies and also holds up for longer periods. It can be wiped with a piece of cloth to remove dust and debris. Dark-colored finishes tend to show dust more often hence needs regular dusting. Stain moves with the wood so when the wood expands with humidity, the stain does not show up prominently.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets:

Painted Kitchen Cabinets have a shelf life of not more than 10 years with high chances of visible cracks and dirt. It however is more water-resistant and easy to clean regularly. It adds the desired color to the space that can complement well with the surroundings. Light-colored dyes disguise dust as it blends with the finish. Although, when the wood expands, paint tends to crack and results in flaking. White Painted Cabinets, though high on maintenance, can last really long and still look attractive since it never goes out of style.

So, To Sum It Up:

Choosing between Stained Kitchen Cabinets and Painted Kitchen Cabinets is solely dependent on the users' vision, preferences, budget, and longevity requirements. The personal style also plays a vital role to be taken into consideration. Both cabinets add their charm of class and satisfaction to the users.

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