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Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Space?

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Cooking is all about art and passion, and anybody can achieve this as his/her hobby. Like your gender, the size of your kitchen does not matter when it comes to cooking or baking. People with ample kitchen space have the advantage of decorating it with their favored furniture and kitchen appliances. But what can you do with your small kitchen space?

First of all, stop lamenting over it as you won’t be able to expand your kitchen area. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can decorate and make your tiny kitchen look spacious. In this blog, you will get to know more about the role of white kitchen cabinets in designing your small kitchen.

Practical ideas to design your tiny kitchen space

Decorate with Japandi style

In case, you are not familiar with the term ‘Japandi’, it is a combination of two styles: Japanese and Scandanavian. These two different styles blend and create a calm aesthetic look of interior design. You are supposed to use soothing colors, natural materials, and lots of textures.

Japandi style always offers a serene atmosphere providing a neutral color palette for both your kitchen walls and cabinets. The white kitchen cabinets are ideal to create the Japandi style as it is one of the most calming colors for kitchen cabinets.

The simple look of your kitchen initially lowers the confined vibe of your tiny kitchen area. The unembellished and smooth design makes it look broad and airy.

Arrange more shelves and cupboards

You can install the three toe kick drawers under your kitchen cabinets. There are two advantages of having this type of drawer. First, you do not need extra furniture for keeping your stuff. Secondly, You do not have to move here and there in search of your cooking tools as you can keep them all within your grasp.

Wall shelves are the smart solution for small kitchen spaces. You can install lots of hooks and shelves on the wall to keep spoons, utensils, spice jars, and more. Thus you can make more space on your kitchen floor. The hooks will allow you to display your designer mugs and find them quickly when in need.

Keep it white and simple

Keep your kitchen interior look simple with white kitchen cabinets. At Cabinet DIY, you will get many shades of white cabinets, such as Classic Ivory, Santorini White, Venetian White, Roman White, Cottage White, and more.

Each shade of white signifies elegance and charm. It does not make your kitchen look boring but voguish. The white color also increases the brightness of the room, and the light reflects more on the walls. Thus, a small space appears as spacious.

Paint the ceiling unique

You can create another illusion by painting your ceiling with a unique paint color. When your walls and cabinets are white, and the ceiling has an unexpected color, It would attract the viewer’s vision toward the ceiling. Your kitchen will appear taller than it is in actuality.

You can use some glossy paints for the ceiling as it is in trend nowadays. Also, you can try some checkerboard effects or wavy lines of the same shade but with different luster.

Make multiple utilization of spaces

When there is a lack of space in your kitchen, try to utilize the used spaces in multiple ways. Try creating counter space as much as possible. As an example, you can quickly fix a cutting board over the sink. It saves you time to rinse the fruits and veggies after cutting.

There are a lot of spaces unused in the corners of your kitchen. You can set triangle-shaped racks in the corners and keep the necessary kitchen accessories there.

Set folding kitchen furniture

A dining table with chairs occupies a lot of space when your kitchen has little capacity for furniture. Also, you can not eliminate them as your family needs a place to sit while having a meal. Hence, you can install a folding table with chairs to save your kitchen space for the rest of the time.

You will set the table and chairs only when they are needed. When you have white kitchen cabinets, a dining table with any color can go well in contrast with them.

There is also the option of sliding doors available in the market. When you do not have enough space to open a door inside or outside, a sliding door is a perfect solution to make the most of your tiny area.

Things to avoid when you have a tiny kitchen space

When there is little space in your kitchen area, don’t stuff the space with unnecessary furniture and kitchen appliances. Avoid taking up a lot of space to place your containers as it makes the room untidy and cramped. Also do not forget to measure the particular space before purchasing an electronic item or unit for your kitchen.

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