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Shaker Cabinets: The Most Popular Item in American Kitchens

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In recent years, Shaker cabinets have gained great popularity across the country, with many American kitchens featuring these simple and minimalistic cabinets in all their glory. The Shaker style of furnishing originated in early America, with a group of European settlers who believed in working hard and living simply.

The Shakers were a modest and religious community of early European settlers in the New World. However, they were extremely innovative and were known for making simple and utilitarian pieces of furniture that were both durable and beautiful. Today, Shaker cabinets have all the same design elements as the original ones, but they are made from superior quality materials and are more cost-effective than before.

Some common features of Shaker cabinets include simple and minimalistic design, rectangular trim, painted or stained wood, and a lack of excess adornment. This minimalism gives Shaker cabinets an aura of elegance and timelessness. Moreover, due to the dislack of bells and whistles, these cabinets are also quite easy to clean and maintain.

Reasons for the Popularity of Shaker Cabinets

1. Elegant and Modern Design

If a chic, modern, and elegant kitchen space is what you want, then you should definitely consider purchasing a set of white or gray Shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets are specifically designed to be as simple, elegant, and minimalistic as possible. Hence, their understated and subtle beauty is just the thing you need to turn your kitchen into an elegant and aesthetically appealing interior space. Moreover, the lack of excess adornment also adds an aura of chic modernity, which is ideal for urban homes with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances.

2. Cost-Effectiveness 

The lack of fancy adornments and accessories means that Shaker cabinets are extremely affordable and cost-effective. Instead of spending money on superficial elements, manufacturers of Shaker cabinets focus on spending money on high-end wood species, quality construction, durable hinges, and well-made drawers. Even after the superficial adornments have worn off, these are the aspects that determine the longevity and overall functionality of a cabinet. Therefore, with Shaker cabinets, you can expect to get a superior quality product at a lower price point.

3. Low Maintenance

The clean lines and simple design of Shaker cabinets ensure that they are very easy to clean, maintain, and sanitize on a day to day basis. Heavily ornate cabinets featuring a plethora of accessories can quickly become a cleaning nightmare because their corners, nooks, and crannies can be hard to reach and harder to clean and disinfect effectively. With a high-quality Shaker cabinet installed in your kitchen, a soft cloth and a light detergent are all that you will need for the daily task of cleaning and dusting.

4. Timeless and Durable

With a simple, timeless design and high-quality construction, it is no surprise that Shaker cabinets are extremely durable and offer great longevity. Typically, these cabinets are made from high-quality hardwood, which means that they are resistant to minor scratches, dents, and abrasions. With a bit of maintenance and upkeep, a classic Shaker cabinet can last for years without losing any of its aesthetic appeal or structural integrity. Hence, buyers who invest in these modern cabinets do not need to worry about frequent repairs and replacements.

5. Versatility

Despite their simplicity, Shaker cabinets can be availed in a variety of colors and styles. For instance, depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a stained wood or painted finish. When it comes to painted cabinetry, you can choose to buy white, brown, black, or gray Shaker cabinets. You can also find interesting variations in the design and material of the handles, knobs, and other accessories. Depending on the type of décor you want, you can go for metallic, wooden, or alloy-based accessories for your Shaker cabinets.

6. Blends Easily

Regardless of the type of décor you want in your interiors, Shaker cabinets can blend perfectly with any color palette or interior design template. If you have a colorful and vibrant kitchen, the subdued and minimalistic appearance of your cabinets will provide an interesting contrast and a much-needed visual relief. If you want an elegant and minimalistic kitchen, then Shaker cabinets will provide you with all the functionality you need, minus the unnecessary adornments and ornamentation. You can also paint your Shaker cabinets to make sure they sync perfectly with the color scheme of your cooking space.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of Shaker cabinets across the nation. However, before you install this type of cabinetry in your kitchen, be sure to do the necessary research and choose a manufacturer or seller that is reputed and trustworthy. This will help you buy cabinets that are both aesthetically appealing and durable.

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