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RTA cabinets: Tips to Choose the Best Cabinetry

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Whenever you think of renovating your home, you cannot possibly skip the kitchen. But the hard fact is, kitchen remodelings are expensive. It is not just about doing the walls and getting new curtains, the one thing that you have to get right is the cabinetry. But if you didn’t know, you can pretty much lower the cost and the effort with RTA or RTA cabinets. Here’s how!

Kitchen and the Cabinets: The Eternal Connection

If you are a subscriber of the lifestyle magazines or follow the trendiest Instagram kitchen ideas religiously, you very well know the common factor—it is the cabinets! No matter how much variation they bring in flooring or arrangements, no matter what shade you choose, no matter how frequently the trends change, the one thing that remains constant year after year is the importance of cabinets.

Now, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that your kitchen is the heart of your home. From preparing a healthy breakfast to the toothsome Christmas supper, you cannot imagine a complete day without your kitchen. Hence, the cabinets you choose must be sturdy as well as fashionable.

For common people, it is not unusual to make a mistake while purchasing cabinets that are cheap and low quality. But what you have to keep in mind that it is not only the wood but also the metal hardware, like the locks, knobs, or handles that can be poor quality and drain out your hard-earned money.

How to Find Kitchen Cabinets Within Your Budget?

It’s no lie that the kitchen cabinets not only eat up almost half of your kitchen space but also your dedicated budget for the renovation. And it doesn’t just end with purchasing, you also have to hire paid resources for installing all of it. And that’s where the RTA cabinets come in handy.

The good news is, due to immense demand, homeowners can now find RTA cabinets not only in stores but also online. Several brands have made available such new-age kitchen furniture in a variety of styles with a reasonable range. And here’s how you can easily get them and fix them without much hassle.

Your Introduction to RTA Cabinets

Some live with this false concept that the RTA cabinets are not as good as the regular cabinetry. Well, it’s time to bust the myth! The RTA cabinets are 100% real and in no way inferior to the regular ones. The only difference is, they will arrive at your address flat-packed, with a cam-lock and bracket system. Next, all you have to do is unbox them, assemble them, install them, and voila! Your kitchen looks all furnished!

Now, just in case you don’t wish to assemble them on your own, go ahead and look for an assembling service. Enquire if it is free of charge.

Please note down that in the case of pre-assembled cabinets, you may have to pay 25% more and the shipping cost may also rise. Therefore, try to have a talk to the seller and clear all your doubts before placing your order.

Why Choose RTA Cabinets over Regular Cabinets?

If you still can afford to get your cabinets made and installed by the best professionals in town, there is nothing like it! However, for budget-renovations, there is hardly anything that can match the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of RTA cabinets.

Saves Money

The ready to assemble ones do save a lot of money as it does not require technicians to set up your cooking corner. You can invest that money in other upgrades.

Offers Flexibility

Designing your home sweet home is one of the nicest things in the world. It should not be stressful or back-breaking. The RTA cabinets indeed offer you the ease and flexibility to set up your cooking corner at your convenience. No rush, no hassle, only a beautiful kitchen!

Looks Stunning

It is true that even a few years back there were limited choices available in RTA cabinets. But the scenarios have changed. Now, from different wood species to door styles, colors to finishes—you have got a wide variety. There are options, including thermofoil, melamine, contemporary veneers, and real hardwoods.

Top Tips: Best RTA Cabinet Décor


No matter what cabinet you choose, it must compliment your kitchen style. It’s always better to paint your kitchen first, or at least have an in-detail layout to pick the cabinetry style.


Being the front of the cabinets, the doors would be the face of your kitchen. Be it glass or wood, they must match the theme. For instance, if your kitchen is equipped with the latest gizmos, doors with polished or designer metal handles would do the trick.

Be Creative

Although it is good to absorb ideas from social media, nothing can beat your creative inputs. For example, if you have an open kitchen with traditional-looking wooden cabinets, bring in some greenery, creepers, or herbs to rejuvenate your kitchen stay.

The RTA cabinets, although are not too complicated to assemble, will take more than an hour or two to finish the entire job. It is recommended that you give a day so that your kitchen looks complete and you feel amazing.

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