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How RTA Kitchen Cabinets are Suited for All Types of Kitchen?

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When you are remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, the most crucial decision is to decide the type of cabinets for your space. From quality to color coding, everything should be to the point. However, you also need to consider the budget while still keep a bit of customization in the mind.

So, what can you do? Should you consider factory-made, pre-made, or RTA kitchen cabinets?

If you want to purchase affordable, durable, flexible, and aesthetically appealing cabinets, then RTA kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice. Using these cabinets, you can remodel your kitchen in any manner you like. Let’s explore the benefits of installing RTA kitchen cabinets.

Why You Need RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA cabinets near me are stacked, wrapped, and shipped; you just need to open the package, assemble it easily, and install it.

Here are the benefits of using RTA kitchen cabinets:

1. Flexible

RTA kitchen cabinets are more flexible because these products are manufactured in bulk. You get multiple options to customize your kitchen in a way you seem fit. You have a range of choices for designs and textures, which help in synchronizing your RTA kitchen cabinets with other kitchen elements, such as a countertop, flooring, and other installations.

Think of RTA cabinets near me as Lego pieces. You can visit the website of the vendor, select the pieces you like, and order the right quantity according to the size of your kitchen. This offers high flexibility when compared to pre-made or stock cabinets.

2. Affordable

Custom-made cabinets are attractive but the price range of these kitchen installations is also more. Usually, for a custom cabinet, you need to offer the design, select the material, and get it created by a craftsman. This small-scale production increases the overall cost of cabinets. As a result, your pricing is rarely pocket-friendly.

On average, custom cabinets can cost up to USD 500-USD1200 for one linear foot. On the other hand, RTA kitchen cabinets cost up to USD 175-USD 400 for one linear foot. This is one-third of the cost of tailor-made kitchen cabinets.

If you look at it, then using RTA kitchen cabinets can help you spend a little extra on other kitchen interiors, such as the countertops, tiles, or flooring. You can even purchase new appliances with the money and efforts saved with RTA kitchen installation. These cabinets are as beautiful as your custom installations, so you don’t have to worry about the look-and-feel of your kitchen.

3. Quick and Easy

When you purchase customized kitchen cabinets, you need to wait for a long time. Since the craftsmen need time for the work, you can’t just visit the shop, decide on a design, and take your cabinets home. Therefore, the turnaround time here is far more than RTA kitchen cabinets.

When you purchase RTA kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to wait at all. You can literally visit the shop or the online store, explore designs, finalize one design, check if the material is in stock, and purchase. After the purchase, you can take the cabinets home, assemble them, and install them. If you are ordering RTA kitchen cabinets online, you only need 7-14 days to receive the cabinets.

Once these cabinets reach your home, you can assemble them on the same day and install them immediately.

Additionally, RTA kitchen cabinets are easy to install. If you don’t want to hire someone to assemble these cabinets at home, you can do it yourself; that’s the whole point of RTA kitchen cabinets. The tools used for this purpose are simple nails, a hammer, a screwdriver, and glue for wood. All you need to do is take out the instructions manual and follow it step by step to make your kitchen cabinets.

4. Durable

Customized or pre-made kitchen cabinets may be made with non-durable and low-quality cabinet materials. In an attempt to follow a strict budget, you can even end up purchasing low-quality pre-made cabinets by accident, such as made with thin veneers, particle boards, etc. These cabinets may save you money in the starting, but in the long run, you may end up spending more money, as you may need to change the cabinets frequently.

RTA kitchen cabinets are high-quality products. These are affordable, as discussed above. There are hardwood drawer fronts, frames, and doors, along with smooth finishes on the entire cabinet.

If you want wooden cabinets, then you can take RTA kitchen cabinets made of all-wood. This may increase the cost a bit, but the overall cost may still be much less than custom-made cabinets.


When purchasing RTA cabinets near me, you should ensure that these products are durable, from the top-shelf, and high-quality. You also have so many options for designs, which you rarely get in other types of cabinets. Hence, utilize these features of RTA kitchen cabinets and quickly install them in your kitchen without any hassle.

Just remember to purchase RTA kitchen cabinets from a well-known provider. Check online reviews and analyze the website for different designs to make the right decision about your RTA kitchen cabinets.

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