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How can White Kitchen Cabinets Add Elegance to Your Kitchen Space?

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White kitchen cabinets are timeless, elegant beauty. Just like white walls, white cabinets make your kitchen look bright as it amplifies natural light. If you use the right combination, size, and style, white cabinets offer a perfect canvas for you to design. Just some tweaks in the décor elements can give you an outstanding look. Hence, read below to see how you can add a hint of elegance to your kitchen with white kitchen cabinets.

A Hint of Elegance for Your White Kitchen Cabinets

Finishing Touch

Many people put too much effort into offering a completely contemporary look to the kitchen which ends up making it dull and all white. By adding some finishing touches such as contrasting cabinet knobs can complete the look of your cabinets and complement the décor of your kitchen. However, it is suggested to take some darker shade such as black or gold or shades of gray for an enhanced appeal.

Other than adding drawer or cabinet knobs, you can strike a contrast with the cabinets or countertop as well. Alternative black-white or white kitchen cabinets and black countertop enrich the interior of the kitchen.

Use Art

If your kitchen is contemporary or minimalistic with just bottom drawers and some upper cabinets, you can use art pieces to add a pinch of color. However, the art pieces should complement the rest of the design. Avoid using bold colors if your countertop is of dark color such a granite, black, etc. In this case, you can use a pop shade such as bright gray or shiny silver tiles.

Also, note that it is not necessary to use art pieces such as paintings for the kitchen. You can even place a clear flower vase or a big wooden fruit bowl to make your kitchen attractive.

Mix and Match

You can mix and match in two ways:

  • Either use two shades for kitchen cabinets, countertop, kitchen tiles, and floor tiles. You can use white kitchen cabinets and white countertop with granite tiles for floor and wall. You can also use white kitchen cabinets and wall tiles with granite countertop and floor tiles.

  • Another way is to use the same color for different elements such as white kitchen cabinets and glass backsplash. The upper cabinets can have glass doors or a piece of clear glass fixed in the door mount.

Pair with Tan

If you love white kitchen cabinets but fear that it might give your kitchen a pale and cold look, then combine it with shades of tan. Adding a pinch of earthy shade to lower cabinets, countertop, or upper cabinets can offer a complete, comfortable, and warm look to your kitchen. You can even add some tan flower pots or make only one cabinet of wooden, tan color for a different look.

However, you don’t have to go overboard with this combination as it can go wrong. Simply keep either one section, countertop or one cabinet of tan, wooden shade. Avoid tan paint as it can be overwhelming and it can reduce the natural light in your kitchen.

Use Gray

Similar to tan, you can also utilize shades of gray for a comfortable look. Here, you can be more flexible in your choices. With one section white, one gray, and tan floor tiles, you can complete the look of your kitchen. However, hues of gray and tan should be complementing for a soothing and relaxing look.

Redesign Doors

Sometimes, you can re-decorate your kitchen just by redesigning the doors of the upper and lower cabinets. Let every element stay the same and change the doors with glass doors. You can add a tan countertop or oak wood dining table for enhancing this glass look.

But, you have to be careful with this look as well because everything that is kept inside the cabinets would be visible. If you have an option to showcase your collectibles or dishes, then only choose this route.


Since white often provides a neutral tone and backdrop, you can add some accessories to your kitchen to accentuate the look. For instance, wooden stools can alone make your white kitchen look lively. Similarly, you can include fancy lights and flower vase but all of the similar hues such as grays, tans, etc.

Right Tiles

Add quality tiles to your décor for a smooth look. For instance, Italian marble tiles or graphite-colored floor tiles can add extra depth and texture to your kitchen. But, if you are already adding a hint of contrast in your kitchen, choose the tiles carefully to avoid ruining the look. Also, take care of the natural light because wrong tiles can ruin the lighting of the kitchen.


Selecting the right color, countertop, accessories, surface tiles, etc. is essential to ensure the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. White kitchen cabinets add a timeless look to the kitchen which can be easily modified over time with some tweaks in other elements. The white look further radiates warmth and depth. Just choose the right additional elements and add a little elegance to your kitchen with white cabinets.

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