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Four Signs Your Kitchen is Overdue for New Cabinets

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Every kitchen requires a facelift after certain years of use. If properly maintained, only a few telltale signs would be enough to give away the age of the kitchen and the cabinets.

Your kitchen is a treasure trove of many memories of you enjoying meals and evening beverages with your loved ones or your favorite Netflix show. However, redesigning a kitchen, fortunately, may not require an overall remodeling.

Some features, like installing or updating the kitchen cabinet can change the room's look entirely. There always comes a time when you realize that your kitchen requires a makeover, and you eventually find yourself engrossed in new kitchen designs and cabinets ideas, wishing for a change.

Signs That Tell You to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are confused and looking for clues to remodel your kitchen, you have come to the right place. This article will list out the signs that tell you that a kitchen re-decor or remodel is necessary.

1. Daydreaming on Social Media

If you find yourself immersed in browsing kitchen designs, cabinet colors, and patterns on Instagram and Pinterest, you are fueling your daydreams about your ideal cooking space. So, the chances are that your kitchen needs an immediate change.

2. Running Out of Storage Space

Some signs cannot be overlooked. Practical signs like running out of storage space mean that you need to install a kitchen cabinet. If your existing cabinets are jam-packed with cookware or you never find the right utensil at the right time, it's probably time to replace the cabinets and look for designs that offer much more storage space.

3. Your Cabinets are Dated

Imagine walking into a kitchen with breathtakingly beautiful navy blue kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are the first place you look at when considering kitchen remodeling. You can either add a new coat or install a modern kitchen cabinet to update your space. Neither you nor your guests would enjoy a sight where your cabinet doors are crooked or have lost their shine and charm.

4. Regular Maintenance Issues

If you are struggling with the doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinet, you have got something major to deal with! Every day, battling with maintenance issues, like having to slam the drawers and nudge the cabinet doors to shut them, then it's probably time to update. Modern kitchen cabinets give you the freedom of softly closing the drawers.

Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, top-quality, polished, durable kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in your kitchen. You can find the best in renowned brands, like Cabinet DIY. If you are tight on your budget, avoid remodeling the entire room and go for installing the best-looking kitchen cabinet because they alone are enough to bring in the much-needed cheerful vibe.

You may think that white cabinets are the reigning ones, however, navy blue kitchen cabinets and other shades of blue can turn a dull kitchen into a stylish heart of the home. Blue hues are graceful, and when paired with wood, metal, or white surfaces, they reflect positivity.

Types of Blue Kitchen Cabinets

In the last couple of years, blue kitchen cabinets have been one of the top kitchen cabinet colors. The adaptability of the color blue makes it easy to dress the room. There is something unique about it that creates a classic and breathtaking look. Here are three blue kitchen cabinet colors you can go for to bring in the freshness.

1. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

A great choice for traditional, transitional, country, and modern interior design, navy blue kitchen cabinets are widely preferred. The best of both worlds, classic and modern, navy blue cabinets paired with white countertops offer a richer look and make your outdated kitchen and kitchen cabinets worth drooling over.

Finishes of shiny metal or warm woods and brass or gold hardware will look fantastic with your navy blue kitchen cabinet.

2. Cobalt Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Some may address it as royal blue, cobalt kitchen cabinets, bring sophistication to the room with their show-stopping energy.

When paired with warm wood and gray finishes, cobalt cabinets give your kitchen a regal look. Gold and copper accessories can make your space stand out.

3. Matte Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Attracting customers preferring chic, modern, and low maintenance, matte blue kitchen cabinets are the best fit for Millenials. The unique texture becomes the main focal point of the kitchen, so you no longer need to worry about other elements and appliances. Undoubtedly, the smooth texture and the color give off a sense of luxury.

The Final Takeaway

Look out for the signs mentioned above, as these indications will help you understand how immediately your kitchen requires a change.

Modern kitchen design is known for incorporating various bright colors into its features. One of these is blue, which is very popular in today’s kitchen. Sure, white, grey, and natural-wood kitchen cabinets are still in style, and they will probably stay that way for a long time. However, there are some key trends, like the navy blue kitchen cabinets and a few others that will change the look of your kitchen in the future.

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