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European Frameless Cabinets and American Frame Cabinets: Which One Should You Get?

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Choosing between American framed cabinets and European frameless renditions often boils down to personal preference.

While the American framed counterpart emerges as an immensely popular choice, classic white European kitchen cabinets exhibit a timeless charm that one can't ignore.

It's pretty easy to distinguish a framed and a frameless cabinet as one pays close attention.

The American framed cabinets typically have wide gaps around the doors showing the face of the wood.

In comparison, the European frameless cabinets have much smaller gaps (less than a quarter-inch or more). Moreover, they also carry a matching edge band which is visible on the cabinet box, when its doors are left open.

Well, that's there with the basics and many more subtle differences that distinguish one kind from another.

In this post, we take a closer look at both frameless and framed cabinet styles, their merits and demerits, and help you make an informed decision to buy one.

The American Style Face Frames

As the name suggests, face frame cabinets dominate the structure of a cabinet and use comparatively thinner materials for the cabinet box.

One can find additional frame pieces (mullions) that rest right between the door and the face of the drawer.

One of the standout features of American framed cabinets is the doors that remain attached to the face frame and carry hinges concealed within. In such structures, the shelves are generally of half depth and can be hung side up or down according to one’s need.

Face frame cabinets are known to sport doors that are not classic or pure square in shape. Also, they use a trim mold for their finish which measures just about an inch, but wide enough to press on the wall contours. Thus, they are nailed right on the face of the cabinet as well as to the sides to even out the gaps following the installation.

In essence, this particular style of cabinetry is geared towards keeping things under budget and allows the makers to work persistently and create a specific line of products.

The European Frameless Style

Taking a different stance from American face frame cabinets, we have the European Frameless style that views the cabinet box as the main structure.

It goes to work with a thin edge connected to the cabinet box matching the exteriors. The material used for the cabinet box is also thicker and carries quite a bit of weight.

Also, instead of the face frame, the glides for the door and the drawers stay attached to the cabinet box itself. The white European kitchen cabinets also use concealed hinges, which is again chunkier compared to its American counterpart.

While such frameless cabinets can be easily ordered by referring to a catalog, most buyers opt for a custom made product.

Another glaring difference between the two cabinetry styles is how the European frameless renditions work with cabinet doors that are perfect squares, and all lines between the drawers and doors are straight, imparting consistency throughout.

Furthermore, the finishing detail instead of using trim molds are scribed and further cut to fit within the walls.

Delightful enough, one can have a European frameless cabinet customized to their liking, mood, and style. White European kitchen cabinets, unlike framed ones, can be made to look rustic, transitional, modern, or traditional, and could be even a blend of any two styles.

How Do You Know Which Is The Right Style For You?

As mentioned earlier, choosing a particular style of cabinetry is all dependent on your personal preference. However, there are a few merits and demerits to each style.

For instance, the white European kitchen cabinets are extremely high in demand and can offer a rich look and elegant feel to any space.

Even if you go for any other color other than the classic ones, it is the flexibility, the visually stunning appearance, and precise carpentry that goes in its favor.

Come-of-age cabinet makers have a wide range of white kitchen cabinets for sale to choose from. Cabinet DIY is one such professional and passionate cabinet maker that has helped many homeowners pick the right piece for their place. One can order from their website and get it shipped to their doorstep.

It's only evident why this carefully cut and sculpted cabinetry finds its place across leading home decor magazines and websites around the world.

The American face frame cabinets can seldom claim to match the elegance and timeless beauty of white European kitchen cabinets. Also, given the choice, European frameless cabinets have multiple doors and wide drawer banks offering adequate room for storage.

Most importantly, the hardware that goes into the making of a frameless cabinet has everything attached to the cabinet box which promises more longevity, compared to face frame renditions. While the former is more likely to stay the same over several years, the latter is prone to cracks appearing in places now and then, with slides and hinges fitted with screws.

Nevertheless, one of the standout reasons that might give American face frame cabinets an upper hand over European frameless cabinetry is budget.

American framed cabinets using much thinner finish material attributes to lower pricing. Also, given the fact that there isn't much room for exquisite designs, the budget is often an overpowering factor for many buyers.

Wrap up

For anyone who would like to order a cabinet that is aesthetically pleasing and promises endless customization and longevity will side with European frameless cabinets.

In doing so, it is quite probable that pricing won't be a hindrance as one wages the investment for the value the furniture adds to a living space. Something that American face framed cabinets can't seem to match up.

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