20 May

7 Styling Ideas with Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Kitchen Remodel

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When you are a proud homeowner and set out to decorate your kitchen, you probably have your Pinterest board overflowing with ideas. Now, there are times when you feel pretty much lost! On one hand, you can’t get enough of the good old rustic kitchen look, and on the other, you are already way too impressed with a sophisticated appearance. And one fine morning you have this realization that all you want is a spacious room that’s bright and classy!

But how to actually get there? How to pull off your dream kitchen look? Well, choosing the right modern kitchen cabinets can turn out to be your solution.

1. Embrace Minimalism

Since the 1960s, the Minimalism art form has made its presence felt in the sphere of design and architecture. But what is minimalism? It is basically an extreme form of art, involving abstract, geometric shapes. As the name suggests, the concept behind it is—’Less Is More’!

Precisely, minimalism is the combination of simplicity with utility. Now, as this form focuses on geometry, colors, and lines, they often appear to be hard-edged and sleek. So when you are aiming at a clean kitchen look, minimalism should be your first choice.

Wondering how you can find the cabinetry that is in line with the minimalist approach? You can go hands-free! These models are quite fresh and edgy in terms of appearance. In fact, you can get features, like touch-release capability, less visible hardware, and concealed handles that contribute to that ultra-modern interior.

2. Consider Shaker Cabinets

When talking cabinets, you cannot possibly help but consider this. And why not? Shaker cabinets are one of the popular cabinet styles that even the trendiest designers cannot overlook.

It was in the 19th century when these cabinets came into presence by a religious community known as Shaker. The three pillars of their religion were—simplicity, utility, and honesty which reflect in their designs as well. Characterized by a recessed center panel and a five-piece door, their frame and panel profiles gained appreciation amongst the masses.

However, not all shaker cabinets are similar in fashion. While some are utterly plain, some happen to bear decorative edge detailing. You can freeze your choice out of the following:

Traditional Shaker Cabinets

If you are an admirer of that old-school look, go with the very traditional beveled edged shaker cabinets with a darker wood distressed finish. Antique or eclectic drawers and door handles will definitely add to the charm.

Modern Shaker Cabinets

The uncluttered cabinetry with plain doors carved out on grainy wood. You can get it painted ash or walnut; finished wood does accentuate the new-age style and language.

3. Try Out Slab Cabinets

The fusion of lucidity and sophistication is rare. But you can surely make it happen by investing in slab door cabinets. Also known as flat-panel cabinets, they are generally built using a single piece of plywood, MDF, or wood. From glossy white to matte gray, colored lacquer to natural wood tones, the slab cabinets are available in a variety of textures and tints.

The absence of any visible hardware contributes to the clean and arranged demeanor with a smooth finish.

Flat-panel cabinets are often associated with the minimalist approach, yet minimalism doesn’t have to be spotless white. You can always warm up your modern kitchen cabinets with soft, milky shades or even darker shades. In case your house resembles quaint architecture, shades of mahogany and brown would fit well.

4. Spruce Up with Double-Toned Cabinets

A subdued feel to the kitchen will be unparalleled! Go double-toned to uphold that neat and tidy appearance. It is the contrast that can break boredom without overdoing it. Now, you are always allowed to experiment with different shades, but when your destination is elegance, of course, you won’t prefer loud or wild combinations.

For instance, you can put together brown and cream, peach and white, shades of gray, burgundy and beige, and even black and white.

5. Bring On the Magic of Marbles

Marbles are indeed the truce face of grace. Although marbles have been extensively used to don the floors and the walls, it is still very unusual to use them for cabinets. If you won’t mind a luxurious kitchen with marble accents and countertops, then don’t lose your sleep thinking about other accessories. The overwhelming marbles won’t ruin your sophisticated dream kitchen and won’t demand any additions. Just polish it well, and your dream is a reality.

6. Get the Shine of Lacquered Cabinets

If you would like it vibrant with more than one shade of colors and that too glossy, then the trendsetting lacquered cabinets are for you. Its 2 pot-point system applied to kitchen cabinetry are hard and durable. Not only the color choices are endless with lacquered cabinets but they are also customizable.

7. Welcome the Beadboard Cabinets

Far from the maddening crowd when you set up your country home or a nice, little cottage, only a country kitchen can make it complete. Recently, beadboard cabinets are making a grand comeback; so if it’s a farmhouse you are decorating, you know what to look for. Its subtle pattern and texture echo a rustic vibe, an old-world charm filled with sheer nostalgia.

Your home and kitchen are the reflections of your persona and aspirations. So feel free to add the bits of your own artistry along with modern kitchen cabinets, it will be truly a kitchen one of a kind!

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