18 Nov

7 Reasons Why Shaker Cabinets Is Still Popular in the American Household

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Shaker Cabinets have been around for decades now. Yet, this classic design is still popular among the American household for its convenience and superior quality. Shaker cabinets are characterized by their simplistic designs. They do away with unnecessary detailing, paneling, or gigantic structures and stick to the basic utilitarian design. Shaker cabinets can be of two types:

  1. Slab drawer fronts that look more sleek and modern

  2. Five-piece drawer fronts that look more traditional and classic

No matter which one you choose, both of them offer timeless beauty to your kitchen. As a result, you don’t feel the need to replace them whenever you are redecorating, because they look equally good with almost any décor theme.

Apart from this, here are 7 reasons why Shaker Cabinets are one of the best choices for your kitchen.

1. The quality is superb

Shaker cabinets are made of excellent quality materials. Wood is always one of the most preferred materials for kitchen cabinets. Shaker cabinets have gone through a lot of transformation in terms of their built and design. With time, these white cabinets have become more sturdy and long-lasting because of the use of better-quality wood. So, when you choose shaker cabinets, you choose quality.

2. Modern appearance

Although the concept of shaker cabinets is nothing new, still, it’s one of the most popular modern cabinets right now. The philosophy behind these cabinets is simple: sleek and compact design that’s extremely convenient. This whole idea is modern and smart. So, if you are looking for style and convenience, this is the best modern cabinet style for you.

3. Low-maintenance

People think white cabinets are a lot of work. Well, not necessarily. Shaker cabinets are very easy to clean and maintain. First, these cabinets are mostly devoid of any ornamentation and are basically plain in design. As a result, dirt and dust do not get trapped in the nick and corner of the cabinet doors. So, cleaning them becomes a cakewalk. Just a periodic dusting is enough for most of the cabinets. However, if they come in direct contact with cooking fumes, there might be some oil and dirt residue on the surface of the cabinets. This can be cleaned easily with mild soap and lukewarm water.

4. They are versatile in appearance

The primary and most popular material for shaker cabinets is wood. However, thanks to their minimalistic designs, they can be pretty versatile in looks. You can turn your wooden cabinets to look like metal or stone by painting it accordingly. The solid base of the wooden construction provides a perfect canvas for creativity. So, when you are bored with your white cabinets after a few years, just give them a makeover with paint.

5. They are pocket-friendly

Continuing from the previous point, as you can easily change the appearance of these cabinets, that’s good news for your pocket. Now you can change the appearance of your kitchen without spending money on heavy remodeling. Not just that, shaker cabinets are cheaper than other similar options without compromising with the quality.

6. They are ready to assemble

Ready to assemble cabinets are always a great option for the kitchen, especially if you have limitations in kitchen space, and you are looking for some budget-friendly options. The best thing about ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is that they are totally flexible. You can buy them according to your kitchen’s measurements and utilize every single corner or space in your kitchen. Readymade cabinets are generally far more expensive.

Another advantage of ready to assemble cabinets is that they are quick and easy to install. With a few tools and a few hours in hand, you can install them yourself at home, without any professional help. Readymade cabinets, on the other hand, generally take a few days to get delivered at your doorstep, and then you need to employ professional services to install them.

7. They can be styled up in multiple ways

The versatility of shaker cabinets is not limited to its shape and color only. Rather, depending on the style and appearance, they help create unique appearances for your kitchen. Here are some ideas to apply:

  1. Install funky doorknobs: Because the modern cabinet doors are so plain and simple, installing antique or other uniquely-styled doorknobs look fabulous and eye-catching.

  2. Create contrast with the rest of the kitchen: if you are installing black cabinets, you can consider painting the walls white or using beige, white, or gray tiles on the floor, thus giving your kitchen a very modern and elegant look.

  3. Use leather upholstery: If your kitchen doubles as the dining room or you have an open kitchen plan, using leather upholstery with the plain and simple shaker cabinets will look style and aesthetically pleasing.

So, as you can see, when it comes to decorating your kitchen, nothing quite beats the shaker cabinets. Thanks to its elegance and timeless charm, even after centuries, they are still popular in American

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