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7 Polished Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Consider

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A sleek, clean, sheer white kitchen island right in the middle of a contemporary kitchen with modern kitchen cabinets infusing magic all around. Can you imagine this look?

Whether you are building your dream kitchen for the first time or remodeling an old one, you need inspiration. And that’s exactly what we have done with this post.

Presenting seven come-of-age, uber-cool kitchen design ideas to help weave magic into your dream kitchen scene.

Let's not waste time and get started.

Keep Your Kitchen Island Large

Come-of-age kitchen designs are all about large kitchen islands, and that's cool!

Introducing a little extra-long island not only renders itself multi-functional but also strikes a great statement. In other words, a neo-traditional look.

However, installing a large island is only the beginning of the story as you will need to pair this with the right fixtures, like overlooking pendant lamps, adding to the drama.

The Magic of Extended Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen design is all about cabinetry taking center stage. By all means, it is the smartest piece of furniture you got in your kitchen.

And while we talk about modern kitchen cabinets, extending things up to the ceiling makes ample room for storage.

Sure, you are not storing your everyday items up there, but what about your turkey roasting pans? You ain’t touching that again until Christmas or Thanksgiving. Thus, it suits the scene just about right.

Cabinets and Open Shelves in a Wedlock

Open shelves are not only trendy, but they do make way to add some serious style.

Nevertheless, things can go south for some, especially houses where they tend to work and keep things in a jiffy, thereby cooking up chaos. Not to mention the grease and dust that settles on those open shelves, making cleanup a painful affair.

So, is everything at loss here? Certainly not, when you have your modern kitchen cabinets meeting the open shelves in one structure (apparently), thereby offering a window to display your valuable crockery and also act as a great storage option.

For Breakfast Nooks, It’s Back to the Square

The square is perhaps the most delightful of all geometrical figures ever discovered. It's versatile, forgiving, and uniquely accommodating.

That’s why we turn to square nooks for serving breakfasts to a family of four seated around.

Sounds like a plan to get your family to quit eating at the island, right?

Don’t Forget the Lights

The crux of modern kitchen design is clean lines, but it's the lighting fixtures that make things stand out.

Take a chandelier for instance that can incessantly help create a warm radiance all around. You might as well choose to include some statement decor pieces matching the color of your walls and other kitchen accessories.

To heighten the drama of your culinary space, it is recommended to add layers of kitchen lights and devise a scheme.

Another great option is to create a floating effect by effectively placing them underneath your kitchen island and floor washers to ensure the light skims right across the kitchen floor.

Embracing the Natural Tones

There is nothing as sincere and sensual as natural wood tones for your kitchen.

From modern kitchen cabinets to extra-large islands, embracing the natural wood tones can jive up any culinary space, whether big or small.

One must know and acknowledge the fact that painting kitchen cabinets are itself a laborious job, and deciding on the shade is even more arduous. On that note, picking a natural wood tone for your cabinets makes your life easy.

And as a plus point, they pair up effortlessly against marble and all-white furniture and accessories, something on the lines of a Scandinavian kitchen.

Lastly, it's extremely low-key when it comes to round-the-year maintenance. If you are looking for that visual warmth and richness all over your kitchen, the natural wood tone’s gotta be your choice.

Nothing Beats Contrasts

The idea here is to shift your whole attention to one item, like an island, and keep it as minimal as possible for the rest of the space. This will lull everyone to one position, and the contrasting colors will make way for an appealing and powerful design.

Take black and white, for instance, a classic color combo that is meant to stay in vogue for eons to come. No matter the size of your kitchen, this is one contrast that will always do the trick right.

Wrap Up

Modern kitchen design has witnessed a sea of changes. Gone are the days when you needed to follow a rulebook to get things done. Today, it's a different story altogether.

From modern kitchen cabinets that can be the centerpiece to cozy breakfast nooks, modern kitchen design is all about sense and sensibility. Now that you know how to make the most out of your kitchen decor, don't let your labor of love go to waste.

Hang out in the comments below and let us know your thoughts about designing a modern kitchen of your liking. What else would you like to add to the list?

We are all ears!

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