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7 Cabinet Colors for Mood-Stimulating Kitchen Space

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Are you planning a kitchen makeover? You probably should slow down for this.

The color of your kitchen cabinet affects your mood and mind.

Your surroundings have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your everyday life. Being surrounded by colors that can soothe your mood and eyes induce a positive charm in you. For example, black kitchen cabinets make your kitchen look so elegant that it pleases you whenever you enter the space.

So, before taking any decision in haste, read this article, for we will acquaint you with different cabinet colors and how they influence your mood.

How Kitchen Cabinet Colors Can Impact Your Mood

Here are seven cabinet colors that are not only appealing to the eye but also can stimulate your brain.

1. Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are one of the most trendy kitchen interiors with increasing popularity. The elegance and low maintenance quality of black kitchen cabinets have made them widely accepted by homeowners.

Besides their bold and mysterious look, black cabinets offer a sophisticated view of your kitchen area.

Many associate black colors with luxury vibes. When the color is used for kitchen cabinets, it evokes a dramatic flair in the space. You can also create a high-profile industrial kitchen look by pairing golden or silver accents with black kitchen cabinets.

2. White Cabinets

The color white symbolizes peace and purity. White cabinets soothe your eyes and calm your mind while cooking in the kitchen. They are not only stylish but also a timeless cabinet color option for your kitchen space.

White cabinets are so versatile that they can work well with any of your kitchen backsplash and worktop. The color offers a feeling of hygiene and freshness in your kitchen. At Cabinet DIY, we have multiple shades of white cabinets. You can choose a warm or cool tone of white to create modern, vintage, or traditional kitchen styles.

3. Green Cabinets

As per color psychology, the color green evokes calmness and relaxation. It can be a great option for your kitchen cabinet color, adding a sense of nature, prosperity, and new beginnings.

We have different shades of green cabinets at Cabinet DIY so that you can choose a lighter or darker one according to your kitchen interior.

You can go bold with our dark green shades like Emerald Green Shaker or Emerald Green Diamond. If you prefer olive green, you can go for our Sage Green Shaker cabinets. We have many more shades of green cabinets that you may like.

As the color is associated with nature, it can help you reduce anxiety and anger while cooking in the kitchen.

4. Blue Cabinets

Blue is another calming color option for your kitchen cabinets. It brings a reflection of the sky, ocean, and the frothing waves. Blue cabinets can invigorate your kitchen without overpowering the space.

Dark blue cabinet shades, like navy blue or royal blue, add a touch of boldness as well as tranquility to your kitchen space. Also, navy blue cabinets are very trendy these days. Their relaxing tone can help you clear your mind and reduce agitation.

5. Red Cabinets

Though some associate red with anger, the hue on the cabinets can make a bold statement in your kitchen. Red Kitchen cabinets, like our Cherry Shaker, feel bold and confident in modern kitchens.

They say that the color red in a kitchen tends to promote a stronger appetite. If you love to cook and feed others, consider installing red kitchen cabinets.

Red cabinets in the kitchen can also help you overcome an emotional blockage. It heightens your energy whenever you feel stuck in a rut.

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