15 Mar

5 Most Affordable Kitchen Design Ideas

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Your kitchen is the mirror of your lifestyle . The way you design your kitchen, expresses a lot about your taste and style. In the magazines and T.V shows, you will see the chefs and home decor experts talking a lot about kitchen design and kitchen remodeling. But the way you will see your kitchen will be different from an interior designer and the way an interior designer will design your kitchen, will be a bit different from your point of view. So kitchens are totally your personal choice and you need to design it according to your priority.

Chefs and interior designers design their kitchens affluently with high tech kitchen appliances. But you do not need to do so much in your home kitchen. You can design your home kitchen within your budget.

Here are some points that you need to remember while you want to design your kitchen in the most cost effective way:

1. Reason of remodeling:

Before you remodel your kitchen, think why are you remodeling it. If you are not going to stay in your house for too long, then design your kitchen thinking about its resale value. Whatever design you choose to give in your kitchen, it must be from the point of view of the buyers. While you are thinking of staying in your home for more than 5 years, design your kitchen as per the needs of your family.

Invest in good cabinets and counter tops so that you can get good value for it while you sale it.

2. Talk to a kitchen designing expert:

Before you invest your hard earned money into some random kitchen designing idea, why not talk to an expert? Talking to a kitchen designing expert will help you sort out things in the most logical way. They can help you clear out things and get a design that will perfectly suit your style and comfort.

3. Cabinets are always important for your kitchen:

Cabinets consist of more than 30% of the kitchen space, so they always need a special attention. While you choose cabinets of good quality, they last longer and the resale value gets higher.

Buying good quality products with higher longevity is always better than low cost product with no quality at all. If you get standard products at affordable price, nothing can be better than this.

4. Counter tops matter:

Counter tops come second in priority in case of the kitchens. They take away almost 10 % of your budget. Counter tops must always be of good quality so that they last longer and barely get damaged. Granites and marbles are the best materials for the counter tops. You will get a huge choice on colors, textures and patterns if you go for granites. These will not only look good in your kitchen but will also increase the valuation of the kitchen.

5. Emergency money:

While you are remodeling your kitchen, a lot of emergency cases may come in. For example, you might forget to fit some wires or some thing might get damaged or some last minute requirements may appear suddenly. For all these emergency purposes, the emergency money is always essential. So, the budget that you decide to spend on your kitchen designing, should include this emergency money as well.

These are the five essential points that you need to remember while remodeling your kitchen. It will not only save your money but also all the time and energy you invest in making it better.

Have you found these ideas useful? To get more ideas and assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.

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