15 Nov

5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors You Don’t Want to Miss in 2023

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A brand new year means things unexplored, a refreshing start and of course, a whole year ahead to do your best.

With 2023 knocking at your door, sure, you have several things in mind, like renovating your bedroom and kitchen, bringing in some fresh plants to create a positive aura inside your home, or getting painted kitchen cabinets.

Like most homeowners, you might also consider restyling your cooking area since the kitchen has the power to influence multiple things inside your house. Additionally, this special space where families and bonds are created should be taken care of utmost. And what better excuse than a brand new year?

If your current kitchen cabinet paint is coming off or appears dull, why not give it a new look and transform your kitchen at once by just deciding on a cabinet paint color?

Sure, there are different hues to choose from, and settling on one paint color could be challenging. That’s why we bring before you some of the best-painted kitchen cabinets you should consider going for in 2023.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for 2023

Kitchen cabinets impact the entire space. Cabinets are often the first thing your guests and friends notice. And the paint of your cabinet is what sets the stage for the rest of your kitchen.

The color schemes can range from crystal white to black diamond. Let’s check out some of the top 2023 color schemes for kitchen cabinets.

1. Clean White

First and foremost in our list of trendy kitchen cabinet colors in 2023 is peaceful white.

You can check out our library and take samples before coating a layer.

But you must be wondering why white?!

Well, white stands for clean and crisp, hygiene as well as sophistication. It has been quite a popular color among interior designers for the past couple of years. And this is because the color is so easy to be paired with anything.

White-painted kitchen cabinets have plenty of benefits. On one hand, it saves you massive electricity by brightening your kitchen, easily reflecting natural light, and on the other hand, it also helps in making a statement, appearing sweet and bold, all at once.

2. Relaxing Gray

A painted kitchen cabinet that your guests cannot avoid drooling over is surely the color gray. The versatile color, creating a beautiful neutral foundation will never disappoint you. This neutral color palette offers endless color combinations and design options.

Whether you want to give your kitchen a traditional or modern look, a gray-painted kitchen cabinet works wonders.

The timeless hue that is both conservative and practical is very appealing. When you paint your kitchen cabinets gray, those entering the space feel more relaxed and secure.

Homeowners can go for different shades of gray, like dark, ice, or anything in between.

3. Royal Blue

The year 2023 will see the comeback of royal blue painted kitchen cabinets.

Deep blue color cabinets add depth to the kitchen, especially if the wall paint is white. The regal sophistication comes out quite beautifully. If you want longevity and attractive visuals, then opting for royal blue color for your cabinet is a smart choice.

Cabinets with altering shades of blue also help create a gorgeous look that will stun your guests.

4. Exquisite Green

We have been admiring the different shades of green, but two shades that are sure to rule 2023 are sage green and emerald.

The harmonious quality of the color green is unmatchable. You sure crave a calm and serene environment inside your kitchen and home, and the versatile color does exactly that.

Well-suited to all moods, the color green also serves both modern and traditional kitchen interiors. When thinking about restyling or repainting your existing kitchen cabinet, embracing green would be a great idea.

Sage green, emerald green, or Egyptian green, we have all the inspiration you require to build a dream green cooking space for yourself.

5. Bold Black

When it comes to black, it’s not for the faint heart, but who doesn’t love the charm of the color black?

Black-painted kitchen cabinets are striking in a modern kitchen, they are timeless and sophisticated, providing endless possibilities. There are a variety of patterns and shades within black-painted cabinets, like

  • Deco Black

  • Charcoal Black

  • Black Shaker

  • Black Diamond

There it is! Our list of the top five best kitchen cabinet paint colors to choose from in 2023. We are sure you would love your kitchen interior with these shades.

The year 2023 is going to be big, and you can make it even bigger by following some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets. Cabinet DIY offers you a great selection of options at the very best price. When you are considering a kitchen remodel, there’s no better option than getting painted kitchen cabinets.

Contact us today to upgrade your kitchen.

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