24 Jul

8 Questions You Must Ask for a Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

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The kitchen is the heart of a home and it takes more than picking out a color scheme to remodel it. A house becomes a home when food is cooked and shared.

Kitchen design is not something that you can draw on a paper and ask your builder to construct - it takes time and planning. A kitchen needs to have enough storage space, proper ventilation, adequate working space, and sturdy construction to avoid possible accidents. A kitchen remodel is a project that can be both exciting and confusing. So, here are some essential questions that you must ask yourself before getting down to work.

1. Are Your Windows Properly Placed?

You might have a Pinterest picture that inspired you to carry out the kitchen remodel in the first place but does that meet your ventilation requirements? Make sure that the smoke from all your cooking goes out properly and does enter the bedroom and living area. Always place your stove near a window and within easy access to the gas pipeline.

2. Does Your Kitchen Remodel Design Have Enough Storage?

The design of your kitchen remodel that you have chosen must have enough storage space as every cooking material from oil to salt to spices needs to be stored in the kitchen along with the utensils, plates, and cutlery. The kitchen cabinets that you opt for must utilize the available kitchen space effectively.

A lot of rotating shelves take up a lot of space and store nothing. So, make sure you stay away from such designs. To avoid having a separate pantry and using more space in the house for food storage, make good and intelligent use of your kitchen cabinets.

3. Does the Kitchen Remodel Design Accommodate All Your Kitchen Appliances?

Today's kitchens are filled with modern appliances like microwave, OTG, refrigerator, mixer, griller, etc. Your kitchen design should have enough space for every single one of these items to be stored properly along with the proper electrical fittings. Note how many devices are required and what kind of voltage they use before you carry out your kitchen remodel.

4. Where Will You Place the Sink?

If you have an open-kitchen design in mind, make sure that your sink is at a corner where not everyone can see it. This avoids the embarrassment of having a dirty dish pile at a plain site when an unexpected guest visits your home.

Also, ensure that the kitchen sink is at a distance from the kitchen appliances and sockets to avoid electrical mishaps from taking place. This not only increases the life of your appliances but saves you from getting an electric shock.

5. Is Your Kitchen Design feasible?

With a lot of DIY videos popping up on our social media timelines, one might think that they have got a hang of it or they can do the same with their kitchen. So, you might end up installing fairy light bottles above the stove or hang long rope-based structured from the ceiling to create a bohemian effect.

But are these designs feasible for your kitchen design? Do you require it? Will these decorations come in the way while you cook? Ask this to yourself before going ahead with the kitchen remodel design.

6. Can you afford it?

Everyone has different budgets when it comes to kitchen remodel. Rather than going forward with the first kitchen remodel design you like, take some time to consider your budget to build a kitchen design that suits your requirements the best.

7. What Kind of Material Would you Choose for the Kitchen Floor?

Floor material selection plays a crucial role in influencing the overall kitchen design since dominates most of the space along with the kitchen cabinets. Take into account the sturdiness, maintenance, and care, and look before selecting the material for your kitchen floor.

8. What Kind of Lighting are you Planning in Your Kitchen Remodel?

Ask yourself what kind of lights you want in your kitchen before you remodel your kitchen. Do you want ambient lighting, the one that matches your room and living area, or do you prefer task lighting? The bright and bold lighting that helps you do things? Or does your kitchen get enough natural light that you just need lights for night time? Consider these options and then come up with the perfect kitchen remodel design.

In Conclusion:

We all love to have a beautiful home to live in and sometimes a little change is necessary. Remodeling is always a good idea if it fits in your budget and fulfills your changing requirements. Kitchen remodel designs can be tricky, so ensure that you have considered these 8 factors before finalizing your kitchen design.

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