23 Nov

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets: The Latest Trend in Home Decor

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If you want to combine the virtues of luxury with that of a timeless look in your kitchen, then dark cherry kitchen cabinets is the right choice. In a kitchen, the cabinets serve as a centerpiece. With their rich color and durability, cherry wood cabinets have become a fixture of many household kitchens, where quality is the main concern.  These cabinets never seem to go out of style, and in fact they have become the latest trend in home décor. 

Characteristics of Cherry Wood Cabinets

Made from cherry wood, cherry kitchen cabinets offer quality, durability, and beauty. Used since colonial times, this wood is a smooth, satiny grain wood. It is available in a variety of colors that include white, light brown, and also a reddish hue. A darker color is found in the heartwood, whereas the sapwood is available in lighter hue. Due to its strength and durability, cherry wood is used extensively in making kitchen cabinets. Additionally, the grain of this wood is diverse, and is available with pink knots, swirls, curls, and gum streaks. The visual aesthetics of the smooth grains can be enhanced by applying stains. 

Benefits of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets 

1. Rich in Color: Cherry kitchen cabinets come in rich colors that can enhance the beauty of any kitchen. An extraordinary feature of cherry wood is that it naturally darkens under bright light and with age. Thus, cherry cabinets are a unique choice for the interiors of any household, that can enhance and improve the appearance of a kitchen with the passage of years. 

2. Unique in Appearance: If you look at the vast stock of cherry wood cabinetry in any cabinet store, you will find that each piece looks completely unique. The variable grains with different patterns of knots, gum streaks, and swirls, make an excellent visual display. Cherry kitchen cabinets are so beautiful and unique that they are preferred by homeowners and interior decorators for the variety that they offer.

3. Excellent Durability: Being a traditional hardwood, cherry has a moderately hard texture that makes it very strong and also has good shock-resistance capacity. Cherry kitchen cabinets are also resistant to warping, which makes them ideal for kitchen environments, that usually tend to be humid, steamy, and warm.

4. Works Well with Varied Design Schemes: Kitchen cabinets look awesome with smooth and consistently grained wood, and this is where cherry cabinets stand out. Moreover, cherry cabinetry blends well with most types of kitchen décor. Especially when you use mostly neutral colors for the rest of your kitchen, then dark cherry kitchen cabinets make an impressive contrast with the overall kitchen décor. Moreover, the wood grain is available in such a wide range that it is visible against very neutral shades to very dark ones. 

Cherry cabinetry comes in a wide range of styles. For example, you can go for a dark, or nearly black shade for contemporary designs or alternatively opt for the rich cherry finishes to display the traditional look. In dark tones, the lighter red streaks provide maximum versatility in your visual options. You can match the color of the cherry cabinetry with the surface colors of the overall house to make a cohesive design. 

Accentuate your dark cherry kitchen cabinets and help them stand out by choosing pastel or neutral shades for the countertops and walls of your kitchen. For a more impressive and uniform look, you can consider cherry wood pulls and knobs. To create an interesting contrast of colors, you can make use of olive or hunter green hues that blend well with the reddish color of cherry wood cabinets.

5. Reasonable Choice: Cherry kitchen cabinets are the most cost-effective choice when compared to their counterparts because of certain reasons. First, these cabinets are made only from original wood. In addition to the beautiful appearance, solid wood lends the cabinets high quality, and thus, these cabinets can last for a very long time. Cherry wood cabinetry are a little expensive. However, with proper care and maintenance, cherry kitchen cabinets are less likely to have to be replaced as these have great durability and longevity and are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a more pocket-friendly option than other cabinets made from different species of wood. 

6. Easily Available: Cherry wood being a local wood, it is readily found all over the United States. Due to this, you will find kitchen cabinets made from this wood almost in all interior designer or cabinet manufacturing companies in your area. Also, these dark-toned cherry cabinets are a popular trend nowadays.

Maintenance of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

A little care for these beautiful wooden cabinets can make them last a lifetime. The maintenance procedure is stated below.

You have to wash your cherry cabinetry with mild soap and lukewarm water, with the help of a soft cloth. It is advisable not to use any harsh cleaning agents, like those which contain acetone. It will cause the color to fade and damage your beautiful cherry cabinets.

You need to use a mild furniture polish to keep your cherry kitchen cabinets looking like they are brand new.

In Conclusion

Cherry kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for homeowners who want quality products in their home. Also, having a versatile look, these cabinets can make for a perfect option for your interior decor. Only with an appropriate mix of elegant cherry wooden cabinets with the overall décor of your kitchen, can you have that perfect kitchen that you have been desiring for so long.

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