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Shaker Cabinets

What are Shaker Style Cabinets?

The Shaker Style kitchen cabinets date from the 1700s and have been a popular choice for Americans ever since. The style has evolved to become more and more clutter-free and organized. ...

This sleek and stylish kitchen style’s defining feature is its simplicity with the square frame and panel style, maintaining the vintage look and modern minimalism.

Why pick Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets have dominated kitchen sales throughout generations thanks to its durability and simplicity, not only to homeowners but also real estate agents, interior designers, architects, and builders. It holds on to the antique touch while providing all the modern amenities essential for a kitchen.

If you choose strong wood like maple or walnut and color it according to the backsplash, you can quickly achieve a stylish yet earthy décor for your kitchen.

You can always opt for white or light-colored cabinets if your kitchen is smaller to make it look spacious. Contrast it with light-colored wooden chairs and breakfast stools to keep things elegant and bright. But we all know how well white works with everything!

For your benefit, here is a list of tips to remember when assembling your Shaker Style Kitchen:

- It is a timeless look that also adds value to your property.
- It is elegant and traditional, as well as modern and minimalistic. Some say it is a classic kitchen look.
- This sort of Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets for sale are cost-effective and easily installed. The quality is also reliable and long-lasting.
- Opting for wood laminates for your kitchen cabinets cuts your cleaning time in half. It is super easy to clean and maintain.
- The cabinets keep your kitchen clutter-free.
- Linear design structure of the wood in shaker kitchens make them organized and easy to use while retaining the aesthetic appeal.
- Wooden furniture never goes out of style. So, you never have to worry about remodeling from the base.
- Simple cabinets go with modern appliances.
- You can easily stain or paint wooden cabinets to give it a rustic or metallic look, according to your taste and need.
- The newest trend is to add tall cabinets. It increases your storage space while making the best use of the vertical space in your kitchen.
- Shaker kitchen cabinets are great for Open Shelving!
- Shaker cabinets are available in many ready-to-assemble packs and many different colors and textures. These are easy to install and can be even done without professional help.
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