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The kitchen is for a person who loves cooking. Everyone desires to have a gorgeous kitchen with rich architecture, wooden floor, elegant cabinet, wood panel, and personalized cooking area. Cabinets that are customized in terms of style, material, size, and finishing as per your specifications can be more expensive. ...Exotic woods and magnificent style with ornate details spike up the cabinet cost and delivery time. To ease your expenses, while you still ought to have new cabinets, ready-to-assemble (RTA) is a great option.

Jot down these 6 ways that can help to save your pocket while installing RTA kitchen cabinets.

1. Assemble yourself
RTA kitchen cabinets, well known as semi-custom cabinets, allow you to fix these cabinets yourself and can reduce half of the cost. If you are unable to fix these cabinets, you can hire a contractor. These cabinets are prefabricated and designed according to the standard size, so you get limited options in terms of size, style, texture, materials, and finishing. But these cabinets are available in so much variety in every aspect that you hardly have any need to go for installing custom cabinets. Except for some large commercial kitchen, these are not really required.
On the other hand, in-stock cabinets are available for customers with standard sizes, shapes, and various colors. As these cabinet dimensions are not designed as per your kitchen, you would require space-wasting fillers to fit these cabinets in your kitchen. These cabinets are available at a very economical price and are good for remodelers.

2. Look for sales
Many times a year RTA cabinet stores have promotions, discounts, and sales, which are not available in custom cabinets. Everyone likes to get kitchen cabinetry for a reasonable price.The only effort you need to put is waiting for sales and good-quality products until you get to pick the best one for you. Sometimes you may get cabinets with a discount of 20% or more. RTA Kitchen Cabinets also offer installation kits, which include clamps, screws for the frame, a magnetic torpedo level, a knob, a countersink bit, and a heavy duty toolbox to fix your cabinets.

3. Choose open-shelves wherever possible
Instead of going for closed-shelves, open shelving helps in saving few thousand dollars. Using the durable wood that can retain sturdiness, color and texture add value to your kitchen. Of course, painting the planks can be a handy option to display your dish-ware. Planks are available in local hardware shops. This kitchen cabinetry option is cost-effective and efficient for storage, particularly for smaller kitchens. Also, open-shelves help in easy cleaning and avoiding any cockroaches or dust getting accumulated.

4. Retain the appliances where they are
Whenever you plan to get new cabinets, always ensure to keep your appliances wherever they are as it can save your pocket. Appliances such as refrigerator, purifiers, ovens, etc. should not be moved as it can be expensive to provide mechanical and electrical connections by cutting the wall and re-fixing it. Though the cabinet dimensions vary and can leave empty space, space-wasting fillers help to fill these gaps.

5. Reuse existing cabinetry
Lower your kitchen remodeling costs by reusing the existing cabinets. If your cabinets are of good quality, resurfacing and painting can enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Maybe, using glasses or laminating your cabinet doors with designs or photos can be cost-effective and simply save thousands of dollars. Repairing the damaged wood can be a good option to reduce your expenses. Additionally, simple modifications like changing pulls and knobs can enhance the appearance of the old cabinets.

6. Remodeling of a kitchen in stages
You can plan to budge the works of remodeling at later stages if your budget is low. By spreading out your project to later dates such as fixing glasses on your cabinet doors may ease your wallet. If a hole placement works well on your cabinet doors and drawers, you can delay in replacing it with new cabinets. A wide range of counter top materials such as solid surfaces, concrete, tile, granite is available. You can consider using two different materials for making counter tops - outside perimeter with butcher block, while island with granite or concrete.

One thing everyone likes is to have a well-crafted and nicely finished cabinetry in your kitchen. However, planning based on your budget and using RTA kitchen cabinets can save your pocket. Always ensure to choose the cabinetry that can suit your kitchen surroundings and style.
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