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Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch for in 2024

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Planning for a New Year kitchen renovation? That’s excellent because starting a brand new year by renovating your kitchen space will bring positive changes in your lifestyle.


Our surroundings have a great impact on our mood and mind. The kitchen is not just a room for preparing meals anymore. It has become more of a gathering spot for family and friends, a breakfast nook, and a cozy space for other indoor activities. Also, the kitchen may be a place where you spend much of your time while being at home. So, upgrading your kitchen atmosphere can uplift your mood as well as your way of living this New Year.

In a kitchen, the cabinets acquire a lot of space. Therefore, replacing the old cabinets can make a massive change in your overall kitchen appearance.

With ever-evolving kitchen interior trends, different shades of modern kitchen cabinets have been trending in the last few months of 2023. Now, it’s time to explore the prospective kitchen cabinet trends for the year 2024.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2024

Designing an alluring kitchen atmosphere requires choosing the right color and pattern for the cabinets. The following cabinet designs can help you nail your New Year kitchen overhaul.

Wood Grain Cabinets

If you’re looking for a durable, timeless cabinet material, wood will be the best option to choose. In terms of trending wood cabinets, oak, and walnut are at the top list, followed by maple.

Professional interior designers believe that the natural grain of wood cabinets will gain more appreciation in 2024 since most homeowners love nature-inspired aesthetics.

With careful observation, you can see a remarkable transition from white cabinets to white oak cabinets in the last few years. Unlike white cabinets, white oak cabinets offer a sense of warmth, turning a kitchen into a more homely, inviting space. Walnut wood with a grain texture is also a fashionable choice for kitchen cabinetry. The rich, earthy color of maple cabinets also feels cozy and alluring in a kitchen space.

Matte Cream Cabinets

With a wide number of homeowners believing white kitchen cabinets offer a more crisp and clean kitchen look than a cozy, homely atmosphere, the popularity of cream kitchen cabinets rises.

At present, homeowners consider warm, sophisticated colors, like cream, for their kitchen cabinets. Matte cream cabinets paired with marble and wood elements offer a more urbane and cozier kitchen vibe.

Mixed Colored Cabinets

You’re free to create your own style while designing a kitchen interior, especially the cabinetry. The concept of all-white or single-colored cabinetry has become quite tedious these days. According to interior designers, 2024 will be the year of the experiment.

Two-colored cabinets that have already enjoyed so much popularity in 2023, will gain more in 2024. People appreciate the visual interest that cabinets with contrasting colors create in their kitchen spaces.

Cabinets with Golden Hardware

Gone are the days when black and silver finished fixtures used to be the most common kitchen hardware choices. A survey by NKBA in 2023 has reported that around 50% of the respondents expect gold hardware will thrive in 2024 and beyond.

Golden-finished pulls, knobs, and handles paired with modern kitchen cabinets elevate the elegance of your kitchen decor. In fact, golden taps and faucets are also gaining immense popularity in kitchen interior trends. They complement both light-colored and bold-colored kitchen cabinets.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Layout for 2024

Besides deciding on the cabinet design, the layout of the cabinets is also a notable factor to consider for your New Year kitchen renovation.

Floor-to-ceiling Cabinetry

Creating a minimalist, clutter-free kitchen is a must for 2024. And, for that, you’ll need more storage space where you can hide your spice jars, cookware, and other kitchen tools.

A floor-to-ceiling cabinetry will allow you to create a symmetrical, uncluttered kitchen interior, making additional space for your kitchen essentials.

Kitchen Island With Cabinets

Want some more easy-to-reach storage options? Think about a customized island with modern kitchen cabinets, expanding your storage space.

The island cabinets with the same color as your perimeter cabinets can create a symmetry that your guests will love. Need some variety? Consider installing island cabinets with a contrasting color to create a focal point in your cooking space.

Alcove Cabinet for a Coffee Station

Lastly, another microtrend for kitchen cabinetry, which is on the rise, is showcasing the beverage station, like a coffee bar. Customizing a little alcove on your cabinetry and showcasing the coffeemaker machine offers a simple but luxurious vibe in a kitchen space.

The beverage station can also work as a smoothie center or a wine bar.

Finally, a New Year, New Kitchen

With modern kitchen cabinets available in a variety of colors and patterns, the kitchen cabinetry trend in 2024 is predicted to emphasize both aesthetics and convenience. Therefore, both the cabinet design and layout should be our prior consideration. However, to install the right cabinets and achieve your preferred design, you might need professionals on board.

Consider booking a session about your customized kitchen cabinetry with us!

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