23 Jan

Some Kitchen Designs That Never Grow Old

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“ Kitchens Should Be Designed Around What's Truly Important-FUN, FOOD AND LIFE.”

Fashion and trend changes every day, with the changing taste of the people. We change our old clothes and buy new one, but in case of interior and kitchen design this is not possible frequently. Kitchen designing or kitchen remodeling drains out a lot of money. Therefore, it's always better to embrace such a kitchen remodeling system that will easily not go out of fashion.

A few kitchen trends are given here that have not gone out of date in recent years.

1. Painted Cabinet:

Painted cabinets are loved by all. Though the most preferred color for kitchen cabinet is white, you can also go for gray, green, blue and even black. The painted kitchens will not go out of the trends in the coming years. These days, people are going for more fashionable colors in their kitchens but white will always be the timeless favorite. White is a neutral color and it will be suitable for any kind of style and design. If you resale your home then the white kitchen will get you credits.

2. Two Different Tone Cabinets:

Right after the painted cabinets, the two tone cabinetry comes in line. This type of cabinets can be achieved in different ways. The upper parts can be painted with a light color and the lower parts can be of a darker shade. It can also be done by painting the wall cabinets with lighter colors and the island can be of a darker shade. Few are of the opinion that this trend is on the verge of death, but we have faith that if you choose a much neutral color palette, then this trend will last for long.

For instance, if you go for a farmhouse look, white cabinets will go well with wood finish and enhance the glamor of your kitchen. This will help your kitchen to stay for long.

3.Cabinets with front glass:

Having glass in front of the kitchen cabinets is a traditional style. But this style is popping up in modern and transitional era. Glass front cabinets are good for display purpose. You can show off your decorative items, serving utensils and other things through these glass cabinetry. If you design your kitchen with the glass all throughout the upper portion, then it will look more open and spacious. But when you are putting glass in your cabinetry, then you need to keep things arranged because everything is showing up and nothing is hiding away. Those who keep things messy, for them the glass cabinets is not a good choice.

4. Open Shelve:

Are you good at maintaining and arranging things? Then these open shelves are made only for you. This trend always looks good in a kitchen only if the kitchen is always arranged and maintained. Open shelve kitchens won't work for the people who are too messy.

This type of kitchen looks stylish but only in good and decent hands.

5. Marble or similar counter tops:

Marble never grows old, this stone timelessly beautifies the kitchen. In the last 10 years, marble has been placed in countless kitchens throughout the world. Marble has different qualities like it is always cool and heat resistant. Marble is a porous material. Therefore, it may pose permanent stain. Moreover, it requires much more maintenance than it is required in the quartz.

It is believed that the trend of marble will rule the kitchen decoration for a long time. But it is always good to find an alternative, like quartz for the kitchen. Quartz is easy to maintain and is much durable. The best part is that, it has different color choices.

With all these different choices for your kitchen, now you can select the kitchen of your choice. If you are still confused, consult a professional and select the kitchen.

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