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How to Arrange Space for Kitchen Renovation

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Space is a huge factor when kitchens are concerned. Being the most busiest place of the house, it must be spacious and easy going. But space is a real concern in this 21st century. People are not getting proper place to live, then how they can avail ample space for the kitchen! But as in the Maths book every problem has a solution, same here in the case of kitchen. Problem of space can be solved easily, with a better understanding and intelligence.

Availing bigger space and then getting your kitchen functional is much more important than its appearance.

Kitchen Layout

For the very first step, look around your kitchen and carefully understand its layout. Now determine whether the location of the cabinet and appliances need to be changed to get more space. The electrical and plumbing materials are cost effective. But if you want to completely rip your kitchen, it can be done exactly the way you want it to do.

Work Triangle

One of the most important factors, while spacing your kitchen is the “ work triangle”. The “work triangle” is the distance between the three most important elements of a kitchen- refrigerator, stove and sink. All of these three stations must be placed close to each other. But do not get them jumbled up or hurdled, that the cook gets cramped.

Counter Space

Another important factor to keep in mind is the space of the counter just beside the appliances. It's a necessity to have the perfect landing space beside the stove and the microwave to keep the food during preparation. This will make the kitchen more functional and rightly spacious. The minimum space required for this purpose is 15”, but if you can afford a little more, then it is always better. Now the sink area also requires adequate amount of landing space, like minimum of 24” on one side and 18” on the other.

Now to follow up is the space for the work and the traffic. There are specific guidelines for the work and the walkaway space. The workspace is the main area where the food is prepared and it includes your work triangle. A minimum of 42” of space must be provided so that the cabinet doors can be easily opened and accessed what's inside. Then the “ walkaway” space; it must be there in the kitchen but shouldn't run over the workspace. Next the minimum width of the “walkway” should be 36” .

The right thing to do before you start remodeling your kitchen is to measure the footprint of the kitchen. Make a sketch, if required include some additional space and prepare the layout for the cabinets, sinks, islands and appliances etc. You also need to check the dimensions and the door swings, you must make sure that you have adequate amount of landing space and clearance for the doors. It would be a complete useless decision to invest in a beautiful kitchen which is not at all functional. Therefore, while remodeling kitchen, first priority is comfort and then beauty.

In the modern time, kitchen are very beautifully designed, but with beauty,comfort should always accompany. Beauty can attract your eyes, but within few days you will start feeling irritated if the kitchen is not properly functional and comfortable.

In this article, there is a complete discussion about how the kitchen can be made comfortable for the users. In this highly trafficked place of the house, we experience the joy of good food and good discussion. Therefore, it must be so organized and spacious that nothing can hamper the joy. Professionals can responsibly carry out this duty. So call a professional to remodel your kitchen.

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