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Get The Right Counter Top To Fit in Your Kitchen

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As the year changes, so as the fashion and trends. Even the concepts of kitchen decoration are getting advanced and matured with time. Earlier, people used to work with much difficulty in the kitchen, but now the scenario is different. Kitchens are upgraded with modern and functional appliances and settings so that people can work more comfortably in the kitchen. While you are going to make a choice of the counter top materials, you need to be very careful. The counter tops come right after the cabinets in the kitchen and they play a very important role. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration at the time of choosing the right counter top material for your kitchen.

You need to put in a lot of thoughts while remodeling your kitchen.


When you choose a counter top for your kitchen, the most important things that you need to keep in your mind are the appearance and the visual characteristics. Is your cabinet of a lighter shade? Then you can go for a dark or a neutral colored counter top. This color combination will create a crisper and cleaner look. White cabinets paired with white marble or quartz counter top and darker cabinets go well with lighter color counter top. These combinations look good in kitchen.

Not only colors, but counter tops vary in respect of pattern and the patterns set a perfect environment as well as make the viewers curious about your kitchen. There are some homeowners who prefer counter tops with lesser movement and greater uniformity while some others love high dramatic veining all throughout the counters. Different homeowners do it in different ways as per their choice and the requirements of their kitchen.


Counter tops are made with different materials like marble, granite, laminate and other solid surfaces. The choice in counter top varies due to different requirements of durability and maintenance.


For long, granite has been a good choice as a counter top material in the kitchen. There is a good reason for which granite has become one of the most loved kitchen counter top materials. Its surface is very hard and it holds up to the regular wear and tear. Most importantly it is heat resistant. Though Granite resists stains, you must seal it properly after the installation.


Marble is a material that you will find in most of the kitchens. It's a white stone that superbly fits in your counter top. It is a popular choice for most of the counter tops of the kitchens because it is a soft color and fits the kitchen well. But as every good thing has its own downfall, marble is no exception. It is a soft stone and can get scratches and stains any time. Most importantly marble is too expensive.


Quartz is becoming one of the most loved materials for counter top these days. It is a bit more expensive than granite. But it has a great amount of pattern and color choices. When you want a marble look in your kitchen, but do not want to use marble, it is a good alternative. Quartz is much more durable than marble. It is resistant to heat and scratch. It has similar properties like granite.


Cost is a huge factor so far as any kind of home and kitchen project is concerned. You can't neglect this factor and think anything. Granite is an affordable stone when cost is your prior concern. Moreover granite is easily available than any other stone. Quartz is more expensive than granite, but less costlier than marble.

After reading this, if you need assistance to get started, then consult a professional and select the perfect counter top material for your kitchen.

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