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How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen Using Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

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A simple or minimalist kitchen interior is often misunderstood as creating a white and basic cooking space. However, simplicity or minimalism does not mean sacrificing style and warmth. Instead, it makes a kitchen space more functional and valuable, supporting a clean, stylish interior design.

We know how valuable the kitchen is in your home. It’s a place where the meal is not only prepared but served and enjoyed with loved ones.

We also understand that a kitchen involves a lot of activities, including cooking, chopping, cutting, baking, and washing. Therefore, your kitchen may appear overwhelmed with food ingredients, cooking tools, serving plates, electronic appliances, and so on.

Strategically placed cabinets can help you design a minimalist kitchen interior, and a neutral color would be a bonus point. This is where natural wood kitchen cabinets come in. With their beauty, durability, and neutral shades, these hardwood cabinets can help you create a simple yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen interior.

Let’s learn more about minimalist kitchen interiors and how to design them with natural wood kitchen cabinets.

What is Minimalist Kitchen Design?

When it comes to kitchen interior design, sometimes, less is more appealing. A simple, minimalist interior is not only about visual perspective but also makes your kitchen space more functional.

Creating a minimalist design will allow you to decorate your kitchen space in an organized way, simplifying your lifestyle. You can store and position your daily cooking essentials in the most convenient spots in your kitchen.

Elements of a Minimalist Kitchen Interior

Here are the elements a minimalist kitchen includes-

  • Neutral color palette,

  • Clean lines,

  • Simple patterns,

  • Minimal decorative touches or ornamentation,

  • Less clutter,

  • Enough light,

  • More open space.

Types of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The shade of natural wood kitchen cabinets varies depending on the wood species. These cabinets are made with hardwoods, such as oak, cherry, maple, etc., and each species offers a unique neutral shade.

  • Oakwood

Oakwood, due to their dense and sturdiness, are considered an ideal choice for crafting kitchen cabinets. They can withstand daily wear and tear and last for a longer time. The simple and sophisticated appearance of white oak shaker cabinets can be the perfect fit for a minimalist kitchen interior.

  • Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is another sturdy choice for kitchen cabinets. Like oakwood, cherry wood is also a popular alternative for its strength and durability. It has a reddish or brownish shade with a warmer tone.

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets would be a good option if you want to create a simple yet warm, luxurious kitchen interior. Their rich, warm tone fits best in open or large kitchen spaces.

  • Maple Wood

Maple is also a strong and durable wood species. It offers a warm, neutral shade, which is soothing to the eyes. Cabinets made with maple wood help create a cozy, inviting kitchen atmosphere.

Why Choose Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets for Minimal Kitchen Design?

Kitchen cabinets made with natural wood have the qualities required for a minimalist kitchen interior.

  • Neutral Color

Unstained natural wood kitchen cabinets offer a neutral color. One of the most significant elements of a minimalist kitchen is a neutral color palette, which makes the space appear more tidy and cleaner.

  • Durability

In the above section, we’ve already discussed the wood species used to craft natural wood kitchen cabinets. Choosing a sturdy cabinet material is beneficial for designing a minimalist kitchen so that your kitchen activity cannot damage the aesthetics of your cabinets.

  • Versatility

Natural wood kitchen cabinets can effortlessly blend with various colors and elements. They work well with light-colored or white backsplash and countertops and help create a visually pleasing minimalist kitchen interior.

  • Timeless Beauty

If you fear a kitchen space with a neutral color palette might appear too ordinary, think about natural wood cabinets. They come with beautiful texture and natural grain, which add character and visual interest to a neutral kitchen space.

Tips to Design a Minimalist Kitchen with Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Here are our favorite ideas to create a minimalist kitchen.

Make Your Cooking Area Clutter-free

Firstly, try to make up as much space as possible in your cooking area. Get rid of kitchen tools that are taking up most of the space on your countertops and the kitchen walls. You can place them in an organized way on your open shelves or drawers or put them inside the cabinets.

Consider Your Kitchen Color Scheme

A solid color palette, especially a neutral one, is critical for designing a minimalist kitchen. If you already have a neutral wall paint or backsplash, choose natural wood kitchen cabinets with a similar shade.

The availability of enough space is another important factor for a minimalist kitchen. According to professional interior designers, choosing kitchen element colors from a particular color palette with minimal contrast makes a kitchen space appear more spacious.

Get Rid of the Cabinet Hardware

Simplify your kitchen cabinetry by eliminating the ornamentations. Avoid installing traditional pulls, knobs, or handles on your natural wood kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can install simple bars on them for a cleaner, symmetrical look.

Wrap Up

Your kitchen layout is also a considerable factor in designing a minimalist kitchen interior. Opt for custom kitchen cabinets to meet your kitchen needs and an optimal storage solution.

We at Cabinet DIY, customize high-quality natural wood cabinets to fit best your preferred kitchen layout. Our professionals can assist you in choosing the right cabinet shade, considering the layout and other elements in your kitchen.

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