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High-Quality RTA Cabinets: Their Primary Features and Characteristics

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One of the most noticeable elements in a kitchen is the RTA cabinets. It plays an important role in determining the overall appearance of the space. So, when you are planning to buy new cabinets, invest in high-quality RTA cabinets that come in various styles like shaker cabinets or colors like white cabinets.

There are certain distinctive characteristics of an RTA cabinet that should be focused on and considered carefully while you are buying them. Cabinet quality is determined by the materials used, their basic components, the finishing touches, craftsmanship, and the construction process.

It is always better to purchase high-quality cabinets to eliminate the chance of any problems in the long run. Check out the key features of well-built and strong RTA cabinets of great quality that will always be worth the money.

Best Attributes of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Solid Wood Construction:

Premium RTA cabinets are always made out of solid wood like maple or oak and are natural and durable in nature. Solid wood is an elegant material and makes the kitchen a prominent part of your home, visually and aesthetically. When you visit the store make sure to check all the shades of solid wood RTA cabinets on display to find the right shade that matches your preferences and tastes. Whether you choose a light-colored RTA cabinet like white cabinets or darker shade for a farm kitchen look, you will need the right kind of solid wood to match your mood.

Here are some of the benefits of RTA cabinets made of solid wood:

  • Adds value to your kitchen and home

  • Easy to care for and maintain

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Wide range of tones and wood types

  • Suitable for all kinds of theme and decors

  • Lends a sense of warmth and coziness to the kitchen

Full-Height Back Panels

An RTA cabinet's strength and ease of installation depend on the way its back panels have been constructed. The back of the cabinetry should be built with full-height panels made from heavy plywood (3/8 inches or above).

Such back panels allow the cabinet to be directly affixed to the wall. There is no need to hang rails to strengthen the plywood as its strength extends from side to side and top to bottom. For plumbing or wiring purposes, there may be a need for cutting a part of the cabinet back. A strong full-height back panel will be able to withstand this cutting without losing its structural integrity, even if there is no additional reinforcement.

Using inexpensive construction materials such as thin panels, rails, metal brackets and hanging rails, and picture-frame construction can result in a weak cabinet back. A poorly constructed back is often the cause of collapsing cabinets. To get strong and durable RTA cabinets, it is essential to use full-height, solid plywood back panels that will also make the process of installation easier.

High-Quality Drawer Glides

Premium RTA cabinets include soft-close, under-mount drawer glides, which facilitate the smooth and noiseless operation of your cabinet drawers even after many years of usage. These high-quality drawers are essential for kitchen cabinets if they have to support and store heavy items. Weak glides can result in loose, sagging, or stick drawers.

The under-mount drawer glides can be extended fully that help in improving the accessibility of the whole drawer. The use of steel guides and ball bearings aid in proper movement of the drawers and make them long-lasting. The glides should weigh at least 90 pounds, which is ideal for carrying heavy loads. To enable the drawers to open and close silently, adjustable glides with soft-close or anti-slam noise dampening mechanism should be incorporated.

High-Quality Dovetail Drawer Boxes

The joints and drawer boxes are among the main affected areas in low-end RTA cabinets. This happens due to low-quality cabinet construction utilizing notched butt joints and staples. Bowing and bending of drawers or collapsing drawer front faces are common in such low-quality cabinets.

Solid hardwood drawers fixed with dovetail joints have impeccable integrity and are best suited to premium kitchen cabinets. These drawer boxes are built with heavy plywood bottoms which make them extremely durable. Their sides are made from 5/8-inch or even thicker solid birch or maple wood. The sides of the drawer meet at dovetail joints, which acquire strength from the wood. A quality plywood drawer bottom with all its four sides captured in grooved joints is pasted and nailed to keep it in place.

In Conclusion

Knowing about the most vital features of high-end RTA cabinets, it will now be easier for you to purchase world-class cabinetry for your residence. Be sure to check for industry certifications and a lifetime warranty from the cabinet manufacturer when buying your cabinetry. This implies that the manufacturer stands behind their product and also ensures higher quality materials for your cabinetry. Do some smart shopping and get the right cabinet to make your kitchen more appealing and durable.

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