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Here are 7 Tips to Design Your Dream Kitchen

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Kitchens have always been an integral part of every house. Therefore, many people consider giving their best efforts while designing a kitchen. In modern times, the availability of different kitchen design aesthetics, technology, resources, and materials have made it possible to build a house with a dream kitchen.

Nevertheless, while designing your dream kitchen, you must consider the kitchen cabinets, the color schemes, the kitchenwares, appliances, the flooring, ceiling, storage options, etc.

You may choose the color scheme foremost and revolve all the other aspects around it. Or you may choose to have a kitchen cabinet and add all the other elements to complement or contrast it.

If you choose the color scheme, you must choose to install every other item for your kitchen based on the color scheme.

On the other hand, suppose you have chosen to install a black and white kitchen cabinet in your kitchen, you must explore the various design options that a black and white cabinet offers concerning all the other vital aspects of your kitchen.

However, despite varied design aspirations, many people find it challenging to navigate the process of building a kitchen that will truly reflect their living ideals. We have outlined seven beneficial and practical tips to help you design your dream kitchen.

1. Define Clear Goals

Designing your kitchen should be an adventurous journey, and every journey starts with a destination. It will help you invariably if you set clear goals and identify the objectives you want to achieve while designing your dream kitchen.

Like every stage of life, the kitchen's functions and priorities change. So consider well what stage of life you are in currently. If you are a householder with kids, your kitchen should address the necessities of the easy upbringing of a child. If you are a working professional, maybe your dining area should have easy access to the doorway so you can head straight to work after breakfast. If you are a newlywed couple, you may want to explore a more steady and settling design that imbibes the design interests of you and your partner.

Knowing what you want beforehand can not only make the journey easy but fascinating as well.

2. Set Your Budget

While budgeting, you should consider the kitchen elements and your goals. There are kitchen spaces that are exorbitantly highly-priced. However, if you do a little clever budgeting, you can achieve most of your kitchen goals without breaking the bank.

Further, break down your budget regarding every vital element of your kitchen. You must at least have a fair idea of how much that fancy kitchen cooktop your friend has recently flaunted will eventually cost. Or how much does that black and white kitchen cabinet that won your admiration costs?

Do this with all the essential kitchen elements. How much would you like to spend on a cooktop, kitchen cabinet, backsplash, appliances, etc.? This activity will help you gain clarity while shopping for those items.

3. Choose the Design Preferences

Now that you know your goals and have set aside a working budget for your kitchen, you can start exploring the design preferences. Since a kitchen cabinet is considered the soul of a kitchen, it is always a good idea to start with your kitchen cabinet design.

You can scout for various cabinets such as shaker style, RTA cabinets, classic cabinets, or modern kitchen cabinets, all available in different sizes and shapes to adjust with your kitchen space.

Look for the design aspect within a particular element too. The black and white kitchen cabinet you may have been eyeing on for so long can have different effects depending on the kitchen flooring, lighting, ambiance, etc. So explore every artistic possibility you can conjure up.

Start browsing the web and get inspiration from galleries, pictures, videos, exhibitions, etc. You may start with a fair idea, and as your hunt deepens, you will gain clarity for your design preferences.

4. Choose the Color Theme

The color theme of your kitchen is as integral as the design preferences are. Color can define a kitchen space. Did you know that a white kitchen can make your small kitchen look bigger?

For example, a kitchen with a black and white kitchen cabinet can have all the other kitchen elements in it that either complements the cabinet color or completely contrasts with them. You can have a burgundy cooktop or brass-colored backsplash. It is one of the few combination colors that can complement almost every contrasting shade.

It allows you to have your kitchen appliances and other elements in different colors. So play wisely with your kitchen color theme, and you will have a wide selection.

5. Select Your Appliances

A kitchen is incomplete without its appliances. The kitchen appliances must sync with not only your kitchen design but also with your budget. Introspect whether your budget allows you to have the best in-line appliances for your kitchen.

While shopping for your appliances, align your kitchen needs and goals too. Buying too many or too big appliances may be a poor investment and ruin the entire practicality of your kitchen design dreams.

6. Customize Your Kitchen Space

You do not want your kitchen to look crowded and cluttered. Your kitchen can have the elegance of spaciousness and the presence of all elements in the exact specifications if done correctly.

Estimate and allocate the sizes and shapes of the elements of your kitchen. It is like budgeting your kitchen space. You may create more spaces by installing modern storage units or extending the cabinetry horizontally or vertically. You may include some of your kitchen appliances to fit with the cabinetry.

Check if their color complements or contrasts.

For example, an extended storage unit can complement and hide its extension with a black and white kitchen cabinet.

Similarly, the color, texture, and finish of a premium microwave oven installed in your kitchen can give a beautiful contrast to its ambiance.

7. Kitchen Layouts

While working on a kitchen remodel, you may consider changing your existing kitchen layout.

Does your existing kitchen have a clunky island in the middle that eats away all the space, but you are dicey at the decision to do away with an island because you love it?

Well, you need not worry further because, with modern kitchen designs and layout, you may have the liberty for your kitchen to have everything you want.

Now, you have choices to work through various modern kitchen layouts like the galley, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen, or the peninsula kitchen. You can have your kitchen cabinetry in all those layouts.

When deciding upon a kitchen layout, it is always advisable to choose your appliances first. It will help determine the space requirements for each item and how your kitchen space will eventually look.

Wrap Up

Designing a dream kitchen should be fun. You may install a black and white kitchen cabinet with a ceiling chandelier reflecting the duality of contrast and complement. Or you may start with a stoic budget plan that allows you to include only one big refrigerator in your kitchen space. There are fun ways to spruce up your kitchen space to make it refreshingly rejuvenating within each means.

However, if you get bogged down in the process, or feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to contact a professional for design advice. It will save you from headaches and give you an entirely new perspective on designing your dream kitchen.

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