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Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Benefits of Installing Them in Your Kitchen

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The choice of kitchen cabinets reflects the personality and lifestyle preferences of homeowners. Some may wish for sleek, minimalist, modern kitchen cabinets with clean lines and a neutral shade. Others may opt for vintage or traditional style with rich and warm-toned kitchen cabinets.

While some homeowners focus on the appearance of their kitchen cabinets, many prioritize functionality. And those who value both style and functionality mostly prefer installing natural wood kitchen cabinets.

With a huge demand, natural wood cabinets have been enduring in kitchens in the United States for years. Various house owners appreciate these hardwood cabinets due to their natural beauty, longevity, versatility, and environment-friendliness.

Let’s see how the characteristics of natural wood cabinets can be beneficial for your kitchen space.

5 Significant Benefits of Installing Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Below are five characteristics of natural wood cabinets that make them highly appreciated in any cooking space.

  1. Natural Beauty

The topmost reason why homeowners widely prefer natural wood kitchen cabinets is their natural beauty. These hardwood cabinets have a soft earthy tone, which offers a timeless aesthetic feel in a kitchen space.

Each species of wood cabinet has a unique grain pattern. The natural grain and texture of these hardwood cabinets add character and depth to a neutral kitchen interior.

 Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, natural wood cabinets fit it perfectly. By pairing the right backsplash, countertop, and accessories, you can make your natural wood cabinets the highlight of your kitchen.

  1. Durability

Durability is the second top reason why natural wood cabinets are so popular. Since these cabinets are made with hardwood, the wood of oak, maple, and cherry, they can stand to daily wear and tear.

Due to the longevity of natural wood cabinets, they are a great fit for any kitchen, especially one with heavy kitchen activities. With a little care and maintenance, these cabinets can last for about 20 years or more.

  1. Versatility

Due to the versatility of natural wood cabinets, they have been commonly used in kitchens for decades. At Cabinet DIY, we offer natural wood cabinets with different shades: rich, warm, and muted. The shades and tones depend on the species of used wood.

Natural wood cabinets also complement various types of backsplash, flooring, and countertop materials.

You can create your favorite kitchen style, modern, farmhouse, or vintage, selecting the right shade of natural wood kitchen cabinets. If you want a warm, cozy kitchen appearance, consider choosing our Cinnamon Shaker or Farmhouse Maple kitchen cabinets. For a modern, sophisticated look, you can go for lighter shades, like White Oak ShakerCashmere Grey, or Farmhouse Storm.

  1. Eco-friendliness

You can find kitchen cabinets made using chipboard, particleboard, or Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) available at cheap prices in the market. These materials are not recyclable and harmful to the environment.

Natural wood is a renewable source and a sustainable and eco-friendly material option for kitchen cabinets.

  1. Cost-effective Cabinet Material

Unlike cheap cabinet materials, natural wood kitchen cabinets do not require frequent repair or replacement, saving you money. In addition to this, natural wood cabinets are timeless. So, you do not have to replace your kitchen cabinets according to the contemporary trends.

Tips to Make Your Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets More Durable

Generally, hardwood cabinets stay in good condition for years with low maintenance. However, with some careful measurements, you can make them last longer.

  • Preventing Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight for a long period can darken the color of natural wood cabinets. Sometimes, the bright color of your wood cabinets may fade away due to extreme exposure to the sun.

To protect the lovely shade of your favorite wood kitchen cabinets, you can install drapes or blinds to avoid direct sunlight on them.

  • Keeping Humidity in Check

Furniture made with wood is usually best kept in indoor places with 55℉ to 85℉ temperature and a humidity level of 25% to 55%. Fluctuations in humidity cause wood expansion and contraction, which can be visible on the frame and the joint doors.

Due to excessive high or low humidity levels, you may find a split or crack on your wood cabinet doors. Therefore, to avoid all these issues and keep your cabinet as new, consider keeping your room’s humidity in check.

  • Routine Cabinet Cleaning

Regular dusting and cleaning after kitchen activities can enhance the longevity of your kitchen cabinet. Try using a soft cloth dampened with warm water to wipe your wood cabinets. For cleaning a deep spot or mark, you can make a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid.

Make sure to clean your cabinet hardware. Consider using a good metal cleaner if your hardware pieces are made of metal. In this way, you can keep them operating smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want a modern, traditional, vintage, or farmhouse kitchen style, natural wood kitchen cabinets can help you achieve that with their versatile attributes. Besides their timeless aesthetic appeal, natural wood cabinets offer sustainability and remarkable durability, standing to daily wear and tear.

So, what’s your kitchen style preference? Have a look at our natural wood kitchen cabinets, and let us help customize your dream cabinetry.

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