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5 Splendid Shaker Cabinets for Style and Functionality

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Kitchen cabinetry is the heart and soul of any kitchen space. While designing or redesigning any kitchen area, it is wise and intelligent to consider how the kitchen’s cabinets will look. Consider a matte or glossy finish, a traditional or modern setting, or a white shaker kitchen cabinet with an ideal marine, oceanic or coastal background, and enhance your kitchen’s splendor.

From the masterstrokes of fine carpentry of The Shakers community in northern Europe and England comes the shaker style of cabinets known for their simple designs, characteristic inset panels, versatility, and functionality. Combine them with the modernistic outlook in structures, and you get style and panache as a cherry on the cake!

Here we discuss five splendid shaker cabinets that will fetch you the best of both worlds - style and functionality!

1. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

If you need a premium-looking cabinet at affordable prices, you need to have a good look at the white shaker kitchen cabinets. The timeless aesthetics of white blend perfectly with the design philosophy of shaker cabinetry, ie., functionality, simplicity, and versatility.

Don’t get carried away by the astute nature of its characteristics. A shaker cabinet design in white can look as uber cool and ultra-modern, as it can look minimalistic. With its adaptability to almost any kitchen space, color, and design, a white shaker cabinet is among the number one choice for many homeowners.

It has many pros going in its favor. The cabinetry design itself is time-tested, and the structure is long-lasting. Its crisp and clean design with luminous hues can easily brighten a room and make the kitchen area feel spacious.

2. Cherry Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Cherry cabinets are made from strong, sturdy, and durable American cherry hardwood of medium density. Cherry woods can bend easily without losing their strength. Therefore, the furniture made from these hardwoods can be given various shapes.

As far as visual appeal, look and feel are concerned, acherry shaker kitchen cabinet can adorn many kinds of finishes and complex design styles and are a perfect fit for modern kitchen spaces. Homeowners looking for a premium design with simplistic appeal for kitchen cabinetry always give one made from cherry hardwood serious consideration.

3. Oak and Maple Shaker Cabinets

Here, we cover kitchen cabinets made from two of the finest hardwoods - maple and oak. Maple cabinetry is known for its availability in a variety of colors. Lighter shade cabinetries, especially cream, beige, off-white, or white shaker kitchen cabinets are a preferred choice for many homeowners.

Maple’s consistent grainy texture, aesthetic appeal, and easy maintenance make it a favorite. Maple shaker kitchen cabinets can gel well within a transitional, customary, modern, or farmhouse kitchen design with equal ease.

Off late, there have been quite a few design combos that merge both kinds of wood to make one piece of furniture. Depending on the homeowner’s preference, kitchen designers combine oak and maple to bring out the best features of each of them.

While maple’s grainy texture is subtle, oak is known for its visibly rough and rustic grainy texture, and kitchen designers love oak for its rustic appearance. Unlike maple, oak is relatively more economical and affordable for many homeowners on a budget.

Oak kitchen cabinetry is found in various styles and colors. There is a reason why an Oak cabinet is a designer’s choice - they can be painted and assorted to fit almost any kitchen design.

4. Shakers in Green and Blue

When it comes to a particular color, shaker-style kitchen cabinets wear green and blue with a panache that is hard to ignore. Green, especially emerald, forest, lemon, and sage green, has become synonymous with shaker cabinetry.

Those looking for a farmhouse-style kitchen space or homeowners with a love for organic things prefer green shaker cabinets for their cooking space. It offers a sense of serenity and bliss, making the ambiance country-like.

On the other hand, blue gels with shaker cabinets for a modern kitchen space. Dusty blue is a fabulous choice for light shades of shaker furniture for your kitchen. While marine blue with white or green gives the cooking area a nautical or oceanic look depending on the other aspects of the kitchen.

A white kitchen shaker cabinet with a marine blue countertop or a blue and white alternating Tuxedo-style shaker cabinetry is rare, bold, and modernistic. However, the combination looks stunningly beautiful when done well.

5. Scandinavian Style Modern Shakers

Where English country meets the Norse folklores, we can find modern cooking spaces adorning the simplistic characteristics of shaker cabinetry in a Scandinavian design set. When the functionality and utility of the shaker cabinetry meet the sharp lines, monochromatic colors, and modern-style minimalistic accessories like knobs and handle-bars, you know you are witnessing an amalgamation of art in kitchen space designs.

The nordic designers are known for their futuristic designs and reverence of art, history, and traditions. A Scandinavian touch to your modern kitchen space with a blue, oak or white shaker kitchen cabinet will transform your cooking space into the equivalent of a contemporary fairyland.

Wrap Up

A white shaker kitchen cabinet can endorse whatever design structure you have in your mind. Being a shaker its universal and versatile design ensures your kitchen has unique adaptability. It is what makes your kitchen timeless and classic! Let it stay timelessly beautiful for eons to come.

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